Not a lot of people know that you don’t really need to raise your vibration.

I know, this is the absolute opposite of what you’ve probably been taught in the spiritual community. Talk about raising your vibration is everywhere; everyone wants to be at a high vibration, and for a good reason. Despite that, it may actually be setting your development back a bit.

To understand what I mean, first you need to know that the only thing separating you from awakening is deep inner awareness.

Within the knowledge that you unlock during the process of your spiritual awakening is an understanding of your vastness.

You discover everything that you are, sometimes piece by piece, sometimes all at once. Either way, it’s bound to alter your reality radically – you may come out a very different person than you were before.

You might think, “I need to raise my vibration if I want this to happen to me.” After all, we think of spiritual awakening as a climb from the bottom to the top, always climbing, never looking back. But what if this idea was causing you unnecessary pain?

Sometimes, dedicating yourself to raising your vibration causes you to suppress your concrete, emotional self because you feel that you’re supposed to be surrounded by light and love, never unkind, and never grumpy.

You might feel like a colossal jerk one day, or feel like you’re about to break another day, but you’ve shoved it down because you don’t think it’s productive to having a high vibration and being in light and love.

My advice to you would be to let yourself be who you are at that very moment.

Feel the feelings of the person you are at that moment. Think the thoughts of the person you are at that moment. Let them come out, because otherwise they’ll remain there until they bubble up and you’re over capacity, and then you’ll be dealing with them in a much more significant way.

It impacts your spiritual maturation by pulling you in two different directions, forcing you to choose between what’s happening to you internally – feelings of turmoil, grief, anger, fear, self-deprecation – and what you wish was happening to you – all the light, positive feelings you strive towards.

You can push away your feelings through sheer determination, and this works for some people on occasion, and it likely works for you on occasion as well – otherwise, you wouldn’t do it. But that doesn’t mean it’ll work in the long run.

You’re moving away from the low-vibrational reality you once knew into a new one full of exciting feelings and opportunities. But you might consider that even though you feel you’re stepping out of your old box, you’re still stepping into a new one.

Enlightenment doesn’t mean looking down from your perch atop the ladder, seeing your past reality and all your previous issues as distant dots, ant-like in their insignificance. Enlightenment casts a bright, penetrating light on all of your reality, including the stuff you wish you could leave behind.

In the Buddhist Middle Way, the idea is that you shouldn’t become addicted to the low pleasures of man, but neither should you become addicted to self-mortification and flagellation, as both are unproductive and unsatisfactory. Dedicating yourself to being the best, kindest, highest-vibrating individual in the room is at first different than the latter extreme, but eventually reveals itself as a similar kind of pointless martyrdom, leaving you with unexplained suffering in the end.

As we are all expressions of God, there’s no place to go in our experiences that isn’t of God. Therefore, all experiences are valuable and worthy of our time. This is especially true of the experiences you’ll be carrying with you for the rest of your life, no matter how much you may try to will them away.

You are perfect the way you are.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do things to change about yourself, but there’s no point at which that won’t be true. It’s simply about being aware of your circumstances, how they’re expressing themselves, and what you can do to change how you experience your life.

To illustrate what this is like, it’s as if you saw yourself as a movie. You consider yourself the movie screen because that’s what you can see. But later you come to understand that you’re the projector, projecting the experience you’re having onto the screen. And later you will come to know that you are both.

You can experience both of those realities at the same time. This is what I call a dual experience, and fittingly so.

The story you’ve been living about “you” no longer has any weight in the decisions you make. You stop living so reactively and start living more proactively because your new perspective gives you the tools you require to make those changes. You come more fully into your correct spiritual expression.

It’s probable that your vibration will raise along the path, as you let more and more of this spiritual self into you. But know that it’s not a necessary stepping stone. You can become fully aware of your majesty at any second, maybe even for just a second; there is an ebb and flow to reality that’s always here for a reason, and if your intention is set to spiritual mastery, you will get there one way or another.

Enjoy being the “you” that you are right now, at this very moment, and have an awesome experience today.


Let me know what you think in the comments, and what your experience with vibrational energy and spirituality has been like!


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