Being in full responsibility is kinda the new buzz phrase in the spiritual/entrepreneur community.

On the surface, it seems like a great idea.
It can be really helpful to take responsibility for your life, business, thoughts, feelings, and actions whenever possible.
And when life smacks you in your face, it can feel like you have a sense of control to be in “full responsibility.”
And in some respects this can be empowering and useful.
But it can also be disempowering and get muddled up with the law of attraction.

An overt example of this is when people with cancer take responsibility for their disease. Again, on its surface this can be empowering.

But when you look deeper, this is a subtle way to blame yourself and charge through your problems.

There's an undercurrent of "I manifested my problem, so It's my fault."
And there can be countless other ways that this can be represented.

It's kind of like a little kid who blames themselves for something bad happening. It helps them feel like they have some sense of control when there otherwise isn't any.

Similarly, when you step into "full responsibility" as an adult, you can unintentionally adopt this same pattern.

Sometimes things just suck, and you do what you can, when you can.

And even if things were your "fault", you did the very best you could with the awareness and skill-set you had at that time.

And with ALL things in life, it comes down to a balanced approach.

When you become more masterful of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, you won't have to mow over them in order to be responsible.

You then give yourself permission to be vulnerable, imperfect, and even afraid.

Then your awareness grows and you're afforded the opportunity to cleanse and heal what your body and subconscious mind bring to the surface.

This brings balance to your life and allows you to listen to your intuition more fully while taking inspired action to do what you need to do or create what you want.

There's so much strength in that - far more than stepping into "full responsibility."


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