What is Energy Healing and How Does it Work? At its core, energy healing is opening up to more of your spiritual self and setting an intention for self-healing. The practitioner also sets the intention to open up to their spiritual self, and it’s this relationship that facilitates self-healing. 

There are different types of energy healing, ranging from Reiki, crystal energy healing, shamanic healing, theta healing, pranic healing, and many more. The same principle applies, but the approach may vary. It really doesn’t matter how a practitioner assists you, but that there is a willingness on both your parts for you to move forward in some way. This may include working with the energy of your problems or thoughts.

I really don’t like the standard answer that everything is energy so that’s why energy healing works. I’ve used this explanation before, but I feel that it’s really lacking in properly explaining energy healing. We are technically energy in motion, and…

We are much more than energy and vibration. We are energetic patterns which consist of energy and vibration, but our expression as life streams that vibrate as physical bodies that embody our consciousness, is much, much more.

Seeing ourselves as only our vibration is like seeing the whole body through just the fingertip. Our makeup consists of vibrational patterns and frequency, but that is just scratching the surface of our true essence, and that which lies outside of energy and vibration. 

So, energy healing is tapping into a much larger part of yourself, and this helps you release emotional energy and thought patterns that have been interfering with your life or health. This can also include releasing anything from other people or past lives. 

Extraction work and soul retrieval is one of my favorite ways to work with energy healing, as I’ve found it to be one of the fastest ways to release energies that aren’t serving you, such as past trauma or emotions, and bring your awareness back to parts of your inner self that have disassociated. When this happens you can open your heart more fully and bring in more awareness of your spiritual self. This can be a major game changer, and can set you free on many different levels. 

What does energy healing feel like?

This is different for each person. For some people they will have a mind-blowing experience, and for other people they may not even notice anything except for feeling a bit relaxed. This is normal and doesn’t mean that the energy healing isn’t working if you don’t notice anything. 

You may hear something that isn’t there, feel like you’re floating up above your body, feel very heavy, see colors with your eyes closed, see images (including cartoons), feel a touch, feel hot or cold sensations, feel a tingling, feel the presence of a loved one or spirit guide, taste or smell things that aren’t there, or simply be relaxed and feel nothing. 

What are the pitfalls of energy healing?

You will still need to work with your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors even though you’re receiving energy healing. Energy healing can release the energy of unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, but you will still need to address them. It does make it much easier to address, and I suggest coupling energy healing with hypnotherapy as I’ve seen the greatest changes in my clients when these two modalities are used together. 

You should never replace allopathic care with energy healing. Traditional medical care has its place and can be very helpful in conjunction with energy healing. Even though energy healing can help the body with self-healing, this is different for each person, and your body still needs the right kind of support. 

I have a family member who nearly died, and had they simply done energy healing without continuing to go to the doctor to finally get diagnosed and properly treated, they wouldn’t be here right now. All of my energy healing buddies were suggesting the exact opposite, but they would have been wrong and my family member would have been gone. 

Any healing modality needs to be used in a balanced way that will support you in your physical form, and that means addressing physical problems physically and energetic problems energetically. 

How long does energy healing last?

Energy healing can be long-lasting, provided you do the work by addressing your thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and emotions. Energy healing works best in a succession of sessions as that creates a momentum towards health and wholeness. 

Do I need to get my chakras cleared?

The short answer is no. When your energetic healing practitioner works with your energy, if done properly, your chakras naturally fall into alignment with what is the very best for you at that time. Then you will maintain that by working with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and body. 

Do I need to get my aura cleared?

This naturally happens during your energetic healing session. The more experience your practitioner has, the deeper your clearing will typically be. 

How do I find a qualified practitioner?

Ideally the person you work with will have some experience under their belt, but if they don’t, it doesn’t mean you won’t be helped. It’s just that their skill set increases the more that they work with people, which means they can allow more of their spiritual self to flow into the session, and you’ll likely have better results.

There isn’t one modality that’s better than another, so when you choose a modality, choose one that you feel comfortable with. That could be Reiki, shamanic healing, theta healing, crystal healing, pranic healing,  or any of the other modalities of energy healing. 

If a practitioner tells you that you have an evil entity with you (sometimes there are negative energies, but they are nothing to be afraid of) and they want you to pay them thousands of dollars to eradicate it, or they tell you they have a special spell, elixir, or crystal for thousands of dollars, please end the session and stop seeing that person. I’ve heard this scenario over and over again in my practice, and it makes me so sad because vulnerable people who reached out for help were totally taken advantage of. 

What happens after an energy healing session?

You will need to drink water. You may have suppressed memories, emotions, or beliefs come to the surface. Rarely, a rash or cold or flu like symptoms can happen as your body is releasing what it needs to release. This is normal and will likely go away in a couple of days, but as with anything, always check with your doctor for physical issues. 

Can I go off my medication if I’m doing energy healing?

If you want to go off your medication, you will need to work with your doctor. Many of my clients wanted to go off their meds because they were feeling better, but you need to be extremely careful when doing that. Oftentimes the energy healing in conjunction with necessary medication is what’s helping a client thrive.

Moreover, stopping without consultation from a doctor can be dangerous. For example, if you’re on a psychotropic medication. You can’t just cut those cold turkey because you will suffer terribly; you need to titrate off medications like that. Your doctor will help you come up with a plan to meet your needs. 

Can energy healing cure my physical illness?

All healing that takes place in the body is the body working to heal itself. Any healing modality, including traditional medical care and even psychotherapy, can help clear a space inside you for your body to stop compensating for something else and start working to support itself. I’ve seen many people’s illnesses clear up in my practice, but this is always the result of the body and mind’s own efforts to help itself.

I’ve found that people with physical illness do the very best combining traditional medical care with alternative healing treatments. I’ve seen first hand people with cancer, whose physical and mental load is overbearing, benefit from a combination of medical care and energy healing. Energy healing can help open up more opportunity for them to feel better and for their body to start more efficiently using the medical care that they’re being given. Any multi-pronged approach is the best way, in my opinion.

Is energy healing evil?

I grew up in the Christian religion, and I vividly recall the saying “if you open up a door, you better be careful, because you may not be able to close it.” This was referring to what the Christian religion views as demonic or evil, and I was scared to death for the longest time about things like energy healing until I had my spiritual awakening and energy began to flow through my body. It really wasn’t so scary after all! 

There are a lot of people who are hesitant to try new things because it may be outside of their belief system. That’s alright and I totally get it. What I will say is that energy healing isn’t evil at all; it’s a part of God like everything else. In the bible there was the laying on of hands, and energy healing is no different. If you let go of your fear, what might you gain? 

In reality, you are your own healer. It’s simply you giving yourself a permission slip to expand your awareness and tap into the potential that is always with you. Have you tried energy healing? What was your experience like? Leave me a comment below to let me know!

xoxo, Amunet 


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