A spirit guide is an entity who aides you while you have a human experience here on Earth. They might be angelic beings, ascended masters, other-dimensional beings, otherworldly beings, totems, Shamans, loved ones from past lives, or loved ones that have passed away in this life.

They’re here to assist you in learning the lessons you’re here to learn in the physical realm, and you might or might not feel their presence when they’re near.

They may be giving you signs when they’re here or when they’re providing assistance, and when you learn to read those signs or sense their presence, you feel taken care of.

You might develop a line of communication between you and your spirit guides, which can breed a reliance upon them, as had happened to me in my past. Spirit guides often reflect the answers that are already there within you, and they hardly ever tell you what to do in your life, as they want you to make your own decisions, and learn in your own ways.

I’d attained this level of understanding years ago and felt a sense of peace in my dealings with my spirit guides.

I’d also been searching for higher truths, continually seeking out new knowledge and spiritual growth. This is when I’d come to an event that happened to be hosting a well-known spiritual speaker. He mentioned off-hand that spirit guides were also trapped in the structure of the ego, but to keep communing with them if it helped. Hearing that was a little flabbergasting to me – I’d tailspun into inner turmoil because I had an intense need to figure out what he was talking about.

I did a lot of online research and couldn’t find anything like what he talked about. Every spirit guide related piece of info on the internet was about how to get connected with them, and similar such topics. Eventually, the dearth of information caused me to give up and say, “oh well.”

It wasn’t until a more significant process in my spiritual awakening that I knew what he was talking about – and much, much more.

I had been working with a client using my particular form of energy healing, Cosmic Alchemy™, and my spirit guides were working with me to help my client self-heal. That was when I knew that my spirit guides were a mirror of myself.

It was much different than the intellectual knowledge of universal unity. I knew deep inside of me that I’d been calling upon different parts of me as needed to assist my client, no matter what being that took the form of. It was like moving from kindergarten straight to college.

I knew so much more – it was like I was peering into a kaleidoscope and all the colors were what I needed at that very time, taking the shapes of various masters and divine beings.

I don’t work with spirit guides any longer because I’m aware that I, in a sense, created them to aide in my spiritual development. They were stand-ins for knowledge I had access to at any time, made manifest in my deference of support to figures other than myself. The support they were offering me was support I was providing myself. There’s no question as to why they’d always urge me to discover the answers myself; they were me.

We all use symbols to represent things we can’t understand. Such are the actions of a mind that can’t comprehend much beyond what it knows, especially in the realm of the spiritual. With spirituality comes ideas that are way too far beyond our human experience to internalize just by “knowing” them.

One of those things, incidentally, is the multitudes contained within myself, for within me, and within all of us, there’s ancient knowledge carried over from eons of existing. Because we exist, there are no records of existence left unrecorded in our cells.

This isn’t to say that the beings contacted didn’t exist; this is to say that they understood what I needed to do by myself.

My hope and intention for you, the reader, is for you to know how brilliant you are, and what broad strokes of magnificence lie deep within you. You are infinitely more than you think you are and you deserve to know that in your mind and your heart.


Feel free to comment with some of your experiences with spirit guides, and whatever else you thought about this post!


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