The phrase “love and light” represents a poison that is running rampant in our spiritual community.

There is a spiritual maturation that is long overdue in our community, and it needs to start with all of us, right now.

Love and light represent an irresistible calling to bypass all of the down and dirty, nitty-gritty inner baggage that’s inside of you and others, in the form of our feelings, unturned stones, deep problems, and other complicated relationships with the world around us.

You may be going through, or have already undergone, a spiritual awakening, and you may be floating around in love and light land, enjoying your time up in the clouds.

It’s awesome there, I know. I’ve spent plenty of time in different levels of light and consciousness, and I understand how it beckons you, calls to you. It’s like a home away from home, and it feels like home to the least well-understood parts of ourselves; the parts that call out from inside of us and tell us to go down the spiritual path.

But the purpose of a spiritual awakening is to release the hold of the ego and purge and cleanse all of your old baggage so that you will become aware of your divinity and have a dual awareness of both realities, physical and spiritual.

Love and light is an escape, and we can dismiss our feelings, our self-responsibility in it, and the unhealthy behaviors of ourselves and others with it.

If we’re in our home away from home, we might not be taking care of the house we live in 90% of the time. You only get to live in love and light because, beyond that, you live in the physical world. Until the day you leave this reality, you can’t have one without the other – and you’re not supposed to.

This poison becomes more evident when we ascribe labels to other people because we’re spiritually awakened.

We separate ourselves from those around us because we are the chosen ones who are awake, and everyone else is just “sheeple.” We put up these judgmental attitudes, but they’re not necessary, because nobody’s hurting anyone else.

What we’re doing when we judge the “unenlightened” is distancing others from us and cheapening our cause. There’s no way to be enlightened without recognizing that everyone who hasn’t yet gone down their spiritual path (or has a different and equally vital path to pursue) is a part of ourselves in the grander scheme of the universe.

When we say we are all one, and then ridicule or judge others, subtly or overtly, we are only demonstrating our lack of awareness and spiritual maturity.

What this means is that this is still, in no small degree, the hold of the ego and its trappings.

Did you know that the ego can wrap around being spiritually awakened or enlightened, and set up camp in a whole new way? The ego is versatile – if having a spiritual awakening is convenient to reinforce its assumptions and help it function, it will use a spiritual awakening as part of its framework.

Death of the ego and spiritual awakening, while similar, are two different experiences – and if the ego has died, a new one can always spring back into place.

So, you have an opportunity to live in a human body and have a physical experience.

This is the point of being here.

But you can’t claim a human experience if you’re phobic and judgmental of the humanity that defines it, and you can’t have a genuinely well-rounded spiritual experience if you aren’t taking care of its foundation.

As you awaken to your divinity, you embody your higher levels of consciousness, in the physical body, and live a very human life.

You then bring heaven to earth.

When we are young, we nurse from our mother’s milk. Awakening spiritually is the mother’s milk, but now it’s time to begin to grow and mature, to ingest more substance, in a much more profound and more meaningful way.

It’s safe to live in love and light land, but what are you missing out on?

For the ego to lessen its hold on you, inner work is needed. This is not fun or glamorous in any way, shape, or form. Truthfully, it totally stinks. But it’s worth it because completely untangling the ego allows you to get to know it enough to ensure that it can’t take root in other areas of your life.

When your ego no longer controls you, and you are aware of its actions, you are then free to bring in your higher levels of consciousness to shift and change our planet in this time of ascension.

Are you ready to do the work to mature spiritually, so that you can embody and embrace your divinity?

Are you ready to release your judgments of others and take responsibility for your life?

Are you ready for more in-depth work and connection?

You have so much waiting for you!

xoxo, Amunet


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