Have you ever been horrified by your own behavior? Have you ever had thoughts that you were ashamed of? Have you focused on being conscious and spiritual, and sometimes you hide who you really are behind closed doors?

Are you yearning to be living in love and light, and vibrating at a high frequency?

Do you deny your shadow because you “should” be a loving luminous being of light?

Your “shadow” refers to a concept in Jungian psychology that describes those aspects of your personality which you aren’t conscious of, which manifest in your life in a variety of ways. It’s the foundation of your egoic structure but is the parts which your ego doesn’t identify as being part of itself.

Your shadow is responsible for much of your operation here as a physical being. It’s essentially the parts of you that are too foundational for you to be conscious of them all the time; a computer monitor doesn’t have all the space necessary to display everything it’s doing, so it only shows the parts you need to interact with it in a meaningful way. But all those processes are essential to the stuff we need to use it.

There’s an idea in the spiritual community that these parts of your ego are wrong or should be ignored – and as a result, they remain there long after the spiritual awakening process. It’s like neglecting to level the dirt and lay concrete before you start building a house. What you end up with is an unbalanced, dangerous, structural nightmare.

When you acknowledge your shadow as a part of your being, you move into a place of power, and you’re moving closer to allowing your higher levels of consciousness express through you.

This is because addressing it and working with it lets you better choose what shape it takes in your life, which in turn helps you become more conscious.

When you instead battle what is happening inside of you, it creates resistance and brings you out of balance.

Many times, you may feel guilty and ashamed for being in the human experience, experiencing what it is to be an “imperfect” being. Conversely, you may be proud of yourself for transcending it, even though you eat, sleep, breathe, talk and have internal and interpersonal conflict like anyone else.

What you should understand is that you are part of God no matter what. Even people we describe as horrible monsters are still a part of God, even though their behavior would suggest otherwise.

There is nothing that is outside of God; it’s simply different experiences within the whole.

You’re not always going to act like a luminous being of light (just saying), and that’s alright. Letting yourself work like a human being is essential. It’s not an excuse for poor behavior, but it does mean that you get to have a human experience and experience struggles and basic joys.

Balance comes from being aware of both parts of you, honoring all aspects of yourself.

By doing this, your higher levels of consciousness can then express through you in a way that anchors that energy into your physical body, allowing you to just be.

Far too often we can swing from being our shadow self (the part we don’t like) to love and light land (it’s awesome there), but it robs us of the balance we need to have a rounded spiritual experience in this reality.

If we are so far off in love and light, we can miss what it is to be in the human experience.

To complicate matters, many well-meaning individuals don’t look at their baggage because they can use love and light as a way of escaping self-responsibility. These can be individuals of high acclaim in their communities, which can feed others’ assumptions that they have to ascend to the perceived level of these individuals, even though they’re human just like everyone else.

If you sincerely take a look at yourself, without self-judgment, you can grow in ways that are insanely awesome, so that you can bring in higher levels of light and consciousness AND be human at the same time.

When God expresses through the unfolding of the different levels of consciousness and experiences, God embraces all aspects of the divine, experiencing all that is, good and bad, light and dark, to know oneself fully.

By acknowledging and honoring both dark and light, you can integrate your experiences and gain spiritual maturity.

As an aspect of God, you too can embrace all of what you’re experiencing in the physical reality, and all of who you are, so that you can be a shining light in this human experience.

Embrace your shadow and allow yourself to be “imperfect.”

Have an amazing day!

xoxo, Amunet

Let me know how your experience has been balancing your ego and your spiritual life in the comments!


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