“Healing” is a loaded word to countless people. There are lots of ways you can take it, but the goal is to unleash your inner healer now.

From the spiritual perspective, healing is merely opening the door to the spiritual you that’s been there from the beginning, letting it shine through and undo the layers of unhelpful beliefs and patterns that have built up in you as a blueprint since the day you were born. From the physical perspective, it’s a disentangling of all the patterns woven into your body, which unbinds you and helps you move into wholeness.

Healing happens when an individual is in the position to receive. When people have had enough in their life and feel like they can’t go on without some help, they often turn towards spiritual healing as the answer – and as a result, they’re more receptive to it, because much of the time it’s the last thing they can turn to.

That’s when the real work can begin. They get to put on their foil hat for a day and jump right in!

As many of you may know, I’ve suffered severely at the hands of abusers. During a time of crisis in my history, I was seeing a therapist to work through my trauma.

She was a talented spiritual healer and gave me the opportunity to receive her services during the session.

When she started, I was immediately afraid. I wasn’t ready for this kind of work. It was too different from what I knew at the time, so I wasn’t receptive to it, and it wasn’t the right fit for me. Looking back after my spiritual awakening, I wished I had done it – but it wasn’t the right time and forcing it wouldn’t have helped.

Inner work was such an alien concept to me at the time, as far as going beyond talk therapy. I’d dodged everything regarding my emotions to such a degree that I was stuck reacting to life, rather than acting as an individual. It was like I couldn’t exist in my own body. I wanted a way out, but the means were untenable, unimaginable.

So: self-healing takes guts. It takes stepping out of your comfort zone and being open to the idea that you don’t know anything about who you are without all the baggage you’ve been lugging around.

Some people identify so much with their trauma, depression, and pain that they don’t know anything about who they are without it. Have you ever wondered what you’d be like if you didn’t feel and express all of your hurt? Have you ever been afraid to let go of it, as if it’s the struggle that keeps you alive? This is how people hold on tight to their pain; it’s the continuation of their suffering.

At this very moment, you may be lacking self-confidence, you may criticize and feel wary of everything you do, and you may feel like your emotions are taking control.

You may have metaphorical “voices” in your head that constantly put you down. They tell you that you aren’t lovable, worthwhile, or “good enough.” And the worst part is that you know it’s you who’s telling yourself this, but you can’t do anything about it – the thoughts keep coming and coming.

You may even want to develop your intuition, but you aren’t confident enough to go through with what feels correct to you, because when you do, your mind kicks back in with the constant insults.

All of this is here to let you know that there’s healing you need to do within, and it’s time to unleash your inner healer. I know this because everything you read above was me, and I was frankly even worse. I’ve been there and back; I’ve clawed my way out. If you’re reading this, you can do it too.

There are countless paths you can take on the way to self-healing, and all are productive and legitimate. Whatever helps you walk down the road towards health and happiness is the correct one for you. Some paths are quicker than others, some are simple and wholesome, and some are spiritually oriented, helping you move out of your reactivity more and more and into your spiritual essence.

In my opinion, the spiritual paths can be some of the most rewarding – with them you can release your patterns, start living proactively instead of reactively, and integrate your whole self. What’s left when you’ve finished is a spiritual self that glows with a light you’re now free to offer others.

The truth, however? You are complete right at this very moment. It’s only a matter of going down and working out the parts of life that have piled together to hide it from you.

Once you know that, your light can start shining through the cracks.


Let me know in the comments what your path to spiritual healing might look like!


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