“What’s happening to me?”, “Am I going crazy?”, & “What does a spiritual awakening look like, and what are the signs?” are common questions when you’re going through a spiritual awakening, and when you want to know the stages of a spiritual awakening. 

Maybe you’re seeing repeating numbers everywhere you look, know things before they happen, and you’re uncertain if you can trust what you see or feel.

It’s as if your view of the world is opening up, and you’re beginning to see past the awareness that you presently had as you’re stepping out into uncharted waters.

This can feel exciting and terrifying all at the same time!

When I was going through my own spiritual awakening, called a Kundalini Awakening, I didn’t really have context as to what was coming next. If you’re going through a spiritual awakening, having some form of understanding can help you release into the experience instead of fighting it. 

So what are the stages of a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual Awakening Stage 1: Moving from autopilot to greater awareness

You’ve been living on autopilot in an unconscious way. Your ego and subconscious patterns are driving your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You begin to question the status quo, and you begin to feel like your life no longer fits you. You’re unclear about what is happening, and you don’t know how to deal with it. You’re becoming aware of your ego, and that you’ve been living on autopilot. You start to become aware that your subconscious patterns, thoughts, feelings, and actions are running you. You begin to create new patterns, thoughts, and feelings within the egoic structure. Triggering events to this new awareness may be near death experiences, life threatening illness, depression, anxiety, or some kind of traumatic event.

Spiritual Awakening Stage 2: Connecting with your spiritual essence

You cleared some of your old patterns, released some unhelpful emotions, and you’ve worked with some of your core beliefs to start creating a new life. You’ve cleared some space inside of you to begin to reveal the truth about you, that you are whole and complete. Your intuition becomes stronger and you get a strong sense that there is something more. You begin to see things differently and that alters how you perceive your life. 

Spiritual Awakening Stage 3: Opening your heart and removing protective barriers

You open your heart and develop your intuition more fully. You let down unnecessary protective barriers and release any emotional pain that’s held in the heart, so that you can connect more fully with your spiritual essence. You may experience synchronicities, premonitions or hunches that come true, prophetic dreams, and visions. You begin to tap into the spiritual realm and experience psychic phenomena. You’re able to flow with life more and trust more. 

Spiritual Awakening Stage 4: Seeking to understand

You develop a voracious appetite for spiritual knowledge. You’re seeking like minded individuals to share your experiences with. You want to take workshops and classes, or explore things like psychic readings, energy healing, crystals, or traveling to sacred places like Sedona Arizona or Mount Shasta in California. You fill your bookshelf with spiritual books, and you want to connect with spirit guides. 

Spiritual Awakening Stage 5: Raise your consciousness and awaken spiritually

You move into a reality that is very different from where you were. You begin to experience connection with spirit, and a feeling of universal connection and oneness. You begin mindful activities if you haven’t already, and explore things like yoga, sacred rituals, diving deep into esoteric knowledge, manifesting, thinking positive thoughts and having positive feelings, and meditation. You connect with your creativity and intuition more fully. You may experience spiritual awakening symptoms that you’re trying to understand. You begin to feel that you have spiritual gifts to share with the world, and you feel called to fulfill your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. 

Spiritual Awakening Stage 6: Play, and experience the different levels of consciousness

You play in consciousness with a sense of mastery with spirituality. You explore different levels of light and consciousness such as love, spirit guides, past lives, aliens, healing work, fulfilling your life’s purpose, reincarnation, galactic federations, or light councils. You feel like you’ve figured out spirituality and have a handle on life. You may go on to teach others what you’ve learned, and you may have fully embraced your spiritual gifts. You feel that you’re in alignment with your soul.

Spiritual Awakening Stage 7: Deepen your awareness to the stillness that is the backdrop to creation

You deepen your awareness to the stillness that is the backdrop to creation, and you rest in that stillness. You become aware of a part of you that was/is always there, and which you begin to experience as a direct extension of you; you see yourself and all of creation like it’s a reflection in a mirror. You no longer have a sense of self, and you understand that you’re so much more than yourself. You have a dual experience as the stillness and the physical expression at the same time. You experience the loss of previous fears, interests, and desires. You let go of the need to control, worry, or plan; you’re living more fully in the present moment. 

As you’ve read the stages above, it’s likely that you’ve placed yourself firmly in one of the stages.

This is a very natural thing to do, but I want to let you know that as a spiritual being experiencing a human life, you can find yourself in any of the stages above in any given time, regardless of your previous experiences.

This is because you may feel like you’ve done plenty of clearing work, you’ve got a handle on your abilities, and you understand spirituality, which I’m sure is true. It’s just that in our human experience we are always learning and growing, so just when you think you’ve got something worked out, you can learn a new aspect of it, in a more nuanced way, which can blow the lid off your box all over again. 

As you move into stage 7, this can really become apparent, as everything you thought you knew flies out the window and you soon realize that you’ve had a teaspoon’s worth of knowledge this whole time. 

Think of this as a dance, and you’re moving across the stage of the 7 stages of spiritual awakening.

There are some pitfalls to look out for in each of the spiritual awakening stages. 

Stage 1 & 2: You can think you’re done living on autopilot. I was so guilty of this belief! I work on my thoughts and emotions routinely, so naturally I thought I was done with all that minus maintaining the work that I had done, until my subconscious mind unleashed some major belief issues from my past that I wasn’t consciously aware of. I had basically still been living on autopilot without even being aware of it. So, be aware that you’re a human being, and with that comes continued work with your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. You’re never really done. Even if you were totally enlightened, your ego would still be present, and you would still need to honor your human operating system that’s comprised of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. 

Stage 3: We have a tendency to close our hearts to protect ourselves. This can be necessary at times, and can give us a sign that we aren’t safe, or need to put boundaries up somewhere in our lives. It may also mean that there is more inner work for you to do, so that you feel safe in opening up your heart.

Stage 4: You might stop seeking to understand. As you continue to grow spiritually, and your awareness unfolds into existence, there is a letting go of understanding, as understanding in our human selves is limited. However, we are also living a human life, which means there is a part of us that will benefit from continuing to understand from our human perspective.

Stage 5 & 6: You might start thinking that you’re done and have figured everything out. One pitfall is not being grounded, or thinking that you need to be of a high vibration and only think positive thoughts and have positive feelings, not allowing yourself to be a human being that experiences negative thoughts and emotions. You may be caught in the manifestation trap, or become so entrenched in your beliefs about spirituality that you stop growing. You may think you’re spiritually superior to others because they aren’t “spiritually awake,” or because they are religious. You may think you’ve banished your ego and judge others who are “in ego.” A great test for this, by the way, is to spend some time with extended family. 

Stage 7: You may have trouble orienting to the physical human experience. You may think you’re done because you’re enlightened – however, existence is always unfolding unto itself and expressing, which means there is always a greater awareness that can come forward, even if it means exploring what you left behind. 

We are never “done” evolving and growing, and the more we know, the more that we understand that we don’t know anything. 

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

xoxo, Amunet 



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