You might’ve heard me say it once before – and you’re guaranteed to hear me repeat it – that we are supposed to be human in this lifetime, not hanging out in the clouds.

Some people in the spiritual community have an issue that I’ve chosen to call being a spiritual balloon, where they, as if full of helium, rise into the atmosphere and never come back down. They may often talk about love, light, and other spiritual concepts, but have a poor attitude when it comes to handling the problems right in front of them – or deep within them.

Spiritual balloons are up in the clouds 99% of the time. They might neglect to take care of their responsibilities or hygiene, flake out on appointments, treat others callously or get themselves into dangerous situations because, in their eyes, none of it matters if they get to remain among the stars.

If you’ve floated into the ether and decided to stay there, you’re missing the point of having a human experience.

Could you be about to go through Hell in a handbasket? Absolutely. I know I did. I’ve suffered terribly in my life, through horrific sexual abuse, the suicide of my father at a young age, previous health issues, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Sounds like I should have locked myself up and thrown away the key, right?

I did, for a while. Most of my life, I was unable to remember much of what had happened to me, and I neglected to deal with my issues, having difficulty stabilizing my emotions as a result. If you had asked me to work on myself, to integrate fully into myself then and there, I would probably have not understood.

I was dissociating. For me, my dissociation may not have been very pleasant. For others, their dissociation may look different. They may be spiritually dissociating; they may fill themselves with helium and rise above their problems so far up that looking down on them, they look like ants – but that doesn’t make them go away.

It was a while until my spiritual awakening, but when it happened, it started me on the path of purging and cleansing all my old emotional wounds.

I had more spiritual experiences with my awakening than I could count, and the majority of them, while confusing, filled me with that sense of bliss and belonging that many people describe when they’re in an expanded state of consciousness. But I knew deep down that I couldn’t live there, because I knew that practical, down-to-business inner work was where I would begin to truly understand myself and awaken anew.

When you dive deep into your wounds and repair them from the inside out, three things happen:

  1. You create space for the divine to express through you more fully.

When you have emotional baggage cluttering up your inner space, there’s nowhere for spiritual forces to sit comfortably. Old problems spring up in your professional, personal, and especially your spiritual life. Spirituality is about integrating yourself, your whole self, with the rest of the universe, being fully accepted by life, and maintaining a balance between that and your experience on Earth.

It’s for that reason that spirituality is like a mirror twenty times clearer than the average. If there are imperfections in your reflection, you’ll know. You can ignore them by looking somewhere else, but you won’t be able to see the whole picture. You’ll miss out on so much of the beauty that can come from inside of you.

2. Help loosen the grip of your ego.

By facing yourself, you begin to understand the structure of your ego and what aspects of your life it takes hold of. In contrast, living on autopilot up in the stars keeps you from making conscious choices about your life, allowing the ego to step in and take up that role for you.

This is why so many “love and light” practitioners can be so mean and hypocritical. They may be off in la-la-land while their ego does the driving for them, and their ego likely contains all the hurt, anger, and trauma they’ve locked away deep in their mind, which then comes out on other people.

Obviously not all super spiritual people are like this! But it certainly catches us off-guard when someone’s beliefs don’t match their actions, and that can be even more dangerous for both the believer and for those they interact with.

3. You hitch a firm anchor in reality.

This is how you become grounded. It’s essential to have a home to return to, and there’s no more real home than reality.

You sleep, eat, breathe, think, work, play, and interact in reality every day. You’re here for the rest of your life, and you should be. You can always go back to spiritual realms whenever you need to, but it should always, always be to enrich your life here and now, so you can live your best life as a human being.

All three of the above are invaluable.

What if you spent your whole life away from the Earth? What if you could channel your consciousness almost entirely from one location to the next? You could spend your whole life swirling around in clouds of energy, living without a care in the world, suspended in an eternal source of bliss and contentment.

But suddenly, you feel something. It’s not pleasant. It feels like pain, but you haven’t felt pain in such a long time. You decide to ignore it and keep relaxing, attempting to dissolve the feeling along with it, but it never really goes away.

And then you feel it again. And later, again. And it starts to really hurt. It’s getting to the point that the pain is taking up more of your time than the comfort, so you can’t focus on the comfort anymore.

You decide to come back to Earth and discover that your body has been wrecked. Because nobody’s been there to take care of it, you’re malnourished, and the neglect has exacerbated your previous health issues. You weren’t present enough to maintain your relationships, and you never returned to your job. In just the blink of an eye, maybe less, your whole life has been demolished.

You can’t go back to where you were before because of the hurt you know you’ll continue to endure. You have no choice but to clean up down here before you can leave yourself again.

Not all people let it get like this, but if you have huge, buried emotional problems that you use spirituality to escape from, again and again, you can’t do any work here in reality – and nobody will be able to do the work for you. You’re floating way out there, like a balloon, and we can only see you from afar. We could never touch you because you’ve made it that way.

When you’re a balloon that’s tied down here on Earth, you have a lifting power. It’s only a small amount of force but, combined with other balloons, you can help lift up the world around you.

If you want to shift the collective consciousness, this is where it starts. This is the spiritual awakening.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Xoxo, Amunet


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