As a spiritual entrepreneur, I’m calling out the coaching industries overly ease-ified messages on how easy it is to bring in 6 and 7 figures, as if by magic, and charging uber premium pricing upwards of 50k or more, regardless of the persons ability to bring the client’s results.

Seriously, this is like a poison in the business community.

The reality is that your business requires that you show up to work it, to bring in the results you want, with tweaks and testing along the way.

This is different than just thinking about working your business, and it’s also important to consider the stage of business you’re in.

When you’re starting out as a spiritual entrepreneur, you need to make sure you have your business foundations in place in the online and offline space, and if you’ve been in business for a while and you’re not making the income you desire, it may be because you haven’t set up a solid business foundation. 

Having a solid business foundation is what allows you to bring in clients.

Take the evolution of my business as an example:

1. I made a decision to start my business and then I committed to it.

2. I got my business foundations in place and started working with clients.

3. I carried a full case load of clients (offline) for 5 years, and that’s where I mastered my craft and gained my expertise.

4. I got really tired because I was maxed out working with clients (they were all wonderful), so I decided to create premium priced programs, and work with fewer clients to free up my time. I had the expertise and framework that allowed me to charge for the outcome my clients routinely received.

5. I then took my practice online as a spiritual entrepreneur. I continued to work with my clients, and I began to tackle online marketing. This was a learning curve unto itself, so I dove into Facebook marketing, which allowed me to grow my Facebook group to 90k users to help people with their spiritual awakening.

6. I realized that there is a major learning curve with online marketing and I fell flat on my face over and over with my efforts.

7. I created online programs that required a great deal of time and effort. Word of advice here: just do one at a time, and don’t make the mistake I did and try to tackle three (ADHD strikes again!)

8. I created my yearly marketing plan.

9. I created all the SOPs (standard operating procedures) for my business so that I can delegate effectively.

10. I work on list building routinely, and offer my services to my past clients, list, and Facebook group, while doing other income-generating activities.

This is all work.

It’s methodical work that will get me the result I’m looking for, but as a spiritual entrepreneur, I didn’t magic it into existence.

One of my accountability buddies is Christine Gallagher, and she is a legend unto her own right.

I remember us talking once, and we were talking about all the work we put into our business, and how that was what was required to get results.

She’s wildly successful because she routinely works her business, and has her business work for her.

Decide > Commit > Take consistent action.

Then you need to maintain balance with all of these tasks in your business.

If I had 5 bucks for every spiritual entrepreneur that didn’t take days off I could close the doors on my business. I used to be super guilty of this too! My business is my passion, so it was easy for me to work every day of the week, but I didn’t have any clean laundry and the grocery shopping needed to get done, so I incorporated 2 days off a week, which has served me very well. 

Our businesses tend to take over our lives, and then we don’t take care of ourselves. This leads to burnout.

Your business needs to work for you, while you’re consistently working on it.

You succeed in business by taking consistent action in a balanced way.

You gain your expertise by immersing yourself in your craft, and working with a boatload of clients – before you start working with groups or create an online course. 

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you make money in your business when:

  • You’ve set up a proper business foundation; you have the right mindset, you’ve identified a viable niche, identified your services and pricing, created your marketing message for your niche, built a website that converts and that is search engine optimized, understood the sales and enrollment process, and generate traffic (organic or paid).
  • You understand that you make money by creating an offer and sending traffic to that offer. 
  • You help your clients get excellent results. 

Your confidence plays a big role in all of the above. The fastest way to pull up all your internal stuff is to become an entrepreneur – legit!

It brings to light feelings of unworthiness, fears of failure, fears of being visible, impostor syndrome, and self-doubt.

So, while you’re working on your business you’re also working on yourself. Your business is the gift that keeps on giving!

If you’d like help creating a solid business foundation click here now. 

To your success,



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