Spiritual awakening can be a confusing process. Not everyone is entirely sure whether they’re going through one or not. Some of us can even have spiritual awakenings at times in our lives where we’ve not yet understood spirituality at all.

Are you in the process of a spiritual awakening? Below are 50 signs that you may be expanding your consciousness and awakening.

1. It’s as if you’re seeing the world with new eyes, having an expanded vision of reality.

2. You have symptoms of heat or cold in the body that don’t have any other explanation.

3. Your body has spontaneous movements like yogic asanas or hand mudras.

4. You feel an inner vibration within your body.

5. You experience strong waves of energy moving through your body, releasing blockages.

6. You spontaneously make noises.

7. You’re experiencing psychic phenomena – you “just know” things.

8. You see random images with your eyes closed, many that don’t seem to make any sense.

9. You remember past or concurrent lives.

10. You’ve experienced a spiritual crisis, as the reality you once knew has dissolved.

11. Your current profession or hobbies no longer resonate with you.

12. You have difficulty relating to people.

13. You have feelings of expansiveness.

14. You feel isolated in your experiences.

15. Your past emotional baggage is coming to the surface to be exposed and released.

16. You hear whooshing, water, or buzzing sounds.

17. You’re becoming aware of your ego.

18. You’ve had changes in your appetite.

19. You sense spirit and the spiritual realms, and you’re becoming aware of your spirit guides.

20. You’re aware of your own energy and the energy of others.

21. You’re beginning to move energy through your body and you’re learning how to help others into self-healing.

22. You’re experiencing a myriad of emotions, from bliss to extreme fear.

23. It feels like you have electricity running through your body.

24. You begin to feel yourself connected to everyone and everything.

25. You see moving, energetic geometric shapes in the sky.

26. You’re experiencing pressure in your head.

27. You have changes in your sleep pattern.

28. You release negative energy from your body.

29. You’re experiencing random physical problems.

30. You psychically see an image of an eye.

31. Your senses are heightened.

32. You can sense or see “negative” spirits.

33. You’re more creative.

34. You have experiences where you can’t perceive your body and you’re existing as consciousness.

35. You’re experiencing dizziness.

36. Your heart races.

37. You want to live a life of service and deep meaning.

38. You have difficulty with small talk because it feels too light and on the surface.

39. You’re becoming more empathic and feel other people’s feelings (you may even be aware of illnesses in their body).

40. You want to share your spiritual truths with others but think they will think you’re mentally ill.

41. You’re starting to have E.T. related experiences.

42. People in your life are falling away.

43. You have excess energy, or you feel exhausted.

44. Spirits begin to come to you in the middle of the night for assistance.

45. You’re attracted to all things spiritual.

46. You’re attracted to working with crystals, and your home is starting to look like a crystal store.

47. You have visions or dreams of things before they happen.

48. You have intense, vivid dreams.

49. You’re becoming aware of your higher self or higher levels of consciousness.

50. You have love pouring through your veins!

How many signs did you have? If it’s only 1-5, you may be going through something else (if you’re experiencing physical symptoms or pain and can’t determine the source, you should see a doctor). But more than that may be the echoes of an intense, sometimes difficult, but ultimately incredibly worthwhile spiritual awakening, that people all around the world have undergone since the beginning of civilization.

If you’ve checked off a lot of signs, rest assured that you’re not going crazy, although it can feel like it.

The more that you can relax into the process of spiritual awakening, the easier it can become.

You’re moving through uncharted waters which can bring up fear. This will pass as you relax into the process.

Grounding is essential!

Let me know how many signs you got in the comments, and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences!

Xoxo, Amunet


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