Sarah was going through a spiritual awakening, and she was so inspired because she was having visions, experiencing synchronicities, and she fell in love with the vibration of love. When she meditated she was so inspired because she would travel through other dimensions, and she felt herself become one with everything. It was as if her whole world had opened up, and every day was filled with awe and magic. 

She read every spiritual book she could get her hands on, and she worked really hard on raising her vibration and thinking positive thoughts.

She had been going through her spiritual awakening for some time now, and even though she felt like she was getting the hang of it, and things were going really well, there was an inkling that something wasn’t quite right. 

She kept on, and in meditation she worked really hard on observing her thoughts and emotions without having any attachment to them, and of course, she chose positive thoughts and emotions throughout her day, but there was that feeling again, and the thought that something wasn’t quite right. 

She poured herself back into her meditations, watched uplifting spiritual YouTube videos, and worked even more diligently on watching her thoughts and emotions.

She thought to herself, “it’s really important to keep my vibration high so I can evolve and attract the things I want in my life.”

She spent time diligently manifesting and focusing on spirituality, but she was beginning to feel exhausted having to maintain a high vibration all the time, and she noticed that there had been some feelings inside of her that weren’t of a high vibration and in the light.

She found herself experiencing fear, sadness, anxiety, self-doubt, and sometimes a lack of confidence.

“I will try harder,” she thought to herself. She had been taught that those types of feelings were of a low vibration, and being that she was going through a spiritual awakening, and was a spiritual person, she surely didn’t want to go backwards and lose all of the momentum in her evolution. 

Sarah became even more diligent in her efforts to maintain her high vibration. She practiced daily affirmations, went to yoga, and replaced all her negative thoughts with positive ones. And yet, those feelings persisted. In fact, as her spiritual awakening progressed, those feelings grew stronger and stronger inside of her. 

She became internally conflicted and confused, because she was trying so hard to be positive and of the light, but there was a war happening on the inside, and she was starting to get depressed.

She decided to search for answers, but she kept hearing the same kind of advice within the spiritual community – “raise your vibration,” “everything is love,” “we are all one,” “transcend your ego,” “depression is all in your mind,” “your thoughts create your reality,” “you can manifest whatever you want.”

Feelings of intense shame and unworthiness began to bubble up in Sarah, because she thought, “I’m just not doing it right – this is all my fault.”

She had never considered her feelings too much before. She knew they were there, but they weren’t really something she always had to deal with. Sure, she would cry every now and again, but other than that she had been busy living her life. She felt like she put much of her past behind her, and she was focused on manifesting her perfect life and fulfilling her calling. In fact, she had manifested some great things in her life as a result of her efforts, but even though she had done this, her internal conflict persisted, and she noticed that her manifestations only made her happy for a time. 

She became immersed within the spiritual culture, but soon she was feeling like a fraud. She spoke their language, but she wouldn’t dare talk about those negative feelings and thoughts that she was experiencing. After all, spiritual people are loving, kind, and of a high vibration, right? She was becoming more angry, depressed, and fearful, and it’s as if her emotions were taking her over. 

Sarah began to withdraw, and she became immersed in her “negative” feelings and thoughts. Her depression grew, and she felt so much intense shame. She had done everything “right,” but she was saddled with negativity, and she was beginning to become angry with herself and life. 

It was as if her past was catching up to her, and things no longer seemed so great in her life as she began to take off her rose-colored glasses and see things for what they really were. The magic that had once filled her day began to fade as her spiritual experiences became less frequent, and her negative thoughts and emotions more prevalent. 

She was stuck.

So, what’s happening here with Sarah? Sarah’s story echoes the hundreds of clients I have worked with over the years. They are spiritual people who have worked their butts off to be positive and loving, only to feel depleted and depressed. 

A spiritual awakening is a catalyst for you to open up spiritually, and it’s also a catalyst to shine a light on all your inner baggage. You know, the parts of yourself that you barely want to acknowledge, also known as your shadow.

What Sarah and my other clients didn’t understand is that while you can be really spiritual, it’s also extremely important to acknowledge that you are also a human being with emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and a physical body. This is often overlooked within the spiritual community, and it’s completely understandable because your spiritual experiences can whisk you away on a journey that feels so far outside of your human experience. It feels so much better to bask yourself in the different levels of light and consciousness than it does to live a human life. 

Spirituality and spiritual awakening is more about mastering your human experience than it is about accessing higher levels of consciousness. They are both important, but the goal of awakening is self-mastery, and then you naturally integrate and allow your higher levels to radiate through you, and that’s when you have the dual experience of being the creator and the creation at the same time. 

The spiritual energy that’s unfolding in your body and mind is acting like a scrubbing brush to clean away all of your past wounds and beliefs.

That’s not very attractive though, is it?

Think of it this way: if you had already mastered this human experience, you’d have left the human body and gone off doing other things in the spirit world. But you’re still here in a human body, so what that means is that you can have the best of both worlds as you step into the self-mastery of your human experience while accessing your higher levels of consciousness.

A common belief within the spiritual community is that you need to transcend the ego. Your ego helps you operate here in the physical realm, and it isn’t bad. Again, this goes back to self-mastery. 

As your spiritual awakening shines a light on your wounds, beliefs, and emotions, you can then work with them to release them. When this happens, it gives you the opportunity to create space inside of you to receive more of your spiritual essence, and listen to your intuition more fully. 

A diamond is created through high temperature and extreme pressure, and this is what the spiritual process does for you, from the inside out, so that you can bring heaven onto earth.

Tell me about your spiritual awakening and the trials you may have been through by leaving a comment below. 

xoxo, Amunet 


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