Sales can be a surprisingly spiritual practice when performed with intention and dedication. In turn, this will increase your confidence.

I know most of us, including myself, have felt slimy and insincere when having a sales talk, no matter how honest and good-intentioned I was being.

I’d have a billion thoughts running through my head about how my client might think of me when I put my foot down on my prices. It felt like they’d think I was selfish or greedy for selling my services.

Those kinds of thoughts are our ego contracting when we’re faced with a situation that feels “wrong” to us, but by feeling like we’re “wrong” all the time, we’re preventing ourselves from carving out a sacred space for our potential clients that we could be used to transform them.

By opening up that space and setting your intention to be entirely of help and good to them during your sale, sales can be deeply spiritual for both of you.

Despite the monetary transaction, we feel it’s somehow tarnishing that space. It exists to help us continue opening our client’s eyes to the pain that’s preventing them from moving on in their lives. And the monetary transaction exists to help your new client commit to their transformation.

That is spiritual.

Our attachment to the idea of making the sale is also our ego contracting.

Money helps us feel safe. It definitely makes me feel safe. And it definitely took a lot of time and serious inner work for me to get rid of my need to make that sale (and therefore help someone out).

I’m so familiar with the grueling difficulty that comes with letting go of money fears! I’ve worked through some intense concerns about losing money, and I still work to improve my relationship with money on a regular basis.

I had to breathe through my money fears, and it was awful. It’s gotten a lot better, and I feel better and better about charging for my services when I know they’ll help my client, but it still trips me up every now and again.

So how do you get through your money fears?

The first step you have to take is to pull it out of its hiding spot.

In a sales conversation, one aspect of your job is to point out what’s keeping your potential client from reaching their goals, so why not do the same for yourself?

Write out some of the fears you have about money. Here were a few of mine:

My family won’t have a home.
My family won’t have enough to eat.
I’ll be a failure if I don’t make enough money. I shouldn’t have started my own business, and I should have just done a day job.

When you think like this, even if your thoughts look a little different, it creates feelings of fear.

That’s what stops us, and that’s what we need to get rid of. Moreover, the way we act in response to those feelings sends a message to our clients that we’re desperate for them to buy our service or product, whether they realize that or not.

This throws the conversation out of balance and removes the healthy space necessary for them to transform.

So how do you change this?

Write out your money fears and your fears about sales, then write a rational response to them, as long as you can believe it’s true.


“I’ll be a failure if I don’t make enough money!”

“I’ve made money before, which means I can make money again. I can learn from any mistakes I make and adapt to make more money than before. Even if I don’t, and even if I mess up, it’s okay. I can make contingency plans.”

Then, you can start letting go of the feeling that thought created in you. It’s hard, but emotions that reside in our bodies can always be released over time.

We go much of our lives unaware of the feelings we’re carrying around in our bodies. Even if we are, they seem so shallow at first, when in fact they’re often miles deep.

What I know is that you can only turn a blind eye to your feelings for so long before they start to leak into your sales process.

Self-mastery is the key to all this; by mastering yourself, you have a clean slate to start mastering your sales. Self-mastery is sales mastery. Self-mastery helps make the sales process spiritual because you need to make sure you’re not bringing in your baggage when you make that clean, potential-filled space for your potential client to undergo a transformative process.

Imagine if a potential client had that sales conversation with you, felt the nervous, self-abasing energy you were projecting and decided not to go through with it?

That would be awful for both of you.

It’d be awful for you because you’d have locked yourself up in fear, which feels terrible, and you’d have lost the opportunity to make money and go through the rewarding process of helping someone. It’d be awful for them because they’d have missed the chance to receive your help, and their problem will probably remain.

So now I ask: are you prepared to do the inner work necessary to bring in excellent results for you and your clients?

If you’ve already begun this process, how can you push it further? What else can you work on?

Most folks are not especially introspective. It is what it is. Economic circumstances, personal circumstances, and social circumstances can force us to have a tough shell our whole lives, and diving beyond that can crack our shell and make us feel vulnerable again. It’s scary, even if there’s no danger.

I’ve had to be the strong one for a long, long time.

I’ve done enough inner work to start cracking my shell, but I can always push it further to take more significant strides in my income and my influence.

What sales are really about is being there to help people, but you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself first.

If you feel afraid, contracted, doubtful, or especially nervous about your enrollment conversations, that’s how you know you need to dive in and untangle your fear. It can be terrifying, but it’s okay; you’ve been through worse, and you made it out alive.

You can make sales spiritual by honoring yourself spiritually. Making confident sales is about jumping into what’s holding you back.

You’re worthy of making every goal you’ve set your sights on.

Sales is a way to get there, and nothing is holding you back from doing it by your values.

xoxo, Amunet

If you’ve had difficulty with the sales conversation, let us know in the comments what your experience has been!


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