You have completely changed my life forever. Your work is truly awesome.

I have completed Amunets programs, and you will not be disappointed with ANY of her services. She is truly one of the most sincere, caring individuals you will ever meet.

~ Julie Goulas –

Amunet is nothing short of amazing!

I struggled for a long time trying to launch my business and really get it off the ground before I found her and signed up for her business coaching program. I am in absolute awe of the results!! ~ Janine Hassell

I had great plans for my business but I kept getting stuck in overwhelm, spinning my wheels, and this was causing me a lot of frustration. 
I can’t express enough how delighted I am at the transformation I feel deep within me. Overwhelm and lack of focus–your time is up! ~ Catherine Treble

I’m more than halfway through the program and I am almost a completely different person.

I’m the person I wanted to be, the person I wanted to get back to, but better.

~ Emily Alexander

I worked with Amunet to accelerate the building of my business, Pathways Navigation, Life/Business Coaching for mid-career professional women.  

Her Foundation Bootcamp was the product/service I purchased.

What she offers is so effective, I signed four new clients before we were even halfway through the contract.  These new clients covered her fees.

If you are willing to do the work, Amunet has the program that will get you up and running.

The modules and her coaching helped me to take the concepts I had developed and put them in a marketable format.  She also helped me develop the presentations that connected with my clientele.  It doesn’t matter how good your product is if your clients don’t understand what they will get.  

~ Lea Stabler

I can’t say enough about Amunet Burgueno’s Foundations Boot Camp! From a big picture standpoint, Amunet’s course taught me to remember that I have extremely valuable gifts to provide to my clients that will benefit them greatly and coming back to this concept when I start to doubt myself brings me confidence that my business is worth investing in myself!

And the amount of content Amunet provides in this course is phenomenal. The support she provides to putting that content into practice is superb! When I finished the course with her, I had a business license, business insurance, my niche that reflects my ideal client to market to, a beautiful website with extraordinary copy, equally beautiful business cards incorporating a call to action, confidence to facilitate a strategy session from start to finish and the ability to handle client’s objections, and the mindset, skillset, and action steps needed to launch my business! In all, Amunet’s course enabled me to build the foundation of my business step by step so solidly that even when I have blocks in confidence now (yes, I still do!) I quite literally cannot fail. Thank you Amunet for meeting me with the same level of investment in my business that I invest in myself!
~ Teresa, Walnut Creek, CA

She has since then helped me get unstuck and grow my business. Has helped me build a better relationship with my children. And made me take action on my goals. Amunet has been a lifesaver in so many ways. She has changed my life forever. ~ Patricia Ferreira

I felt like her program was tailored to me and my own personal goals. I always felt supported and encouraged.​ 

~ Mel Foord

Amunet is a wonderful teacher and her teaching methods are by far the best that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in authentic self-empowerment to work with Amunet. Words fall short, please experience it for yourself! “The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

~ In deep gratitude, Bato Kraguljac

I came into this experience thinking to myself “what could she possibly tell me that I don’t already know.” I am glad to have been wrong after experiencing her program.

I learned a lot about my own subconscious demons, along with valuable lessons to take with me for the rest of my life.

Hillary G.

 I have personally experienced emotional and physical healing beyond comprehension by working with Amunet. I have also referred friends and family to her who have had life-changing healing experiences.

We are so fortunate that Amunet is nearby and such an incredibly gifted healer. I highly recommend doing something amazing for yourself by spending some time with Amunet. You won’t regret it!

~ Wendy Wells, NP, Roseville, CA

Frustrated, terrified, no confidence in myself or my services. Thought I wasn’t special at all; had nothing to offer. I struggled with those lies for all of my life. That is, until I met Amunet. She’s intuitive, likable, conversational, SAFE. Through her gentle guidance, I was able to see those feelings for what they were–LIES– and begin to become unstuck. Inside, I am smart, amazing, lovable, worthy and yes, WORTH IT. She recognized these traits and helped me to see that I *do* have something amazing to offer the world!

If you’re “stuck”, hurting, don’t know which way to go, please talk to Amunet… your WORTH is inside of you… Amunet will help you let it out!

~ Cheryl C

Amunet is everything she claims to be and so much more. Besides being incredibly intuitive, she has a nurturing spirit and energy that is so disarming, you will immediately lose any sense of apprehension and begin to walk freely and confidently into a life and light like you have never known.

She has gone through her own midnight of the soul and worked to remove layers of her own life’s challenges to come out a practicing healer. And heal she does. After working with her for several weeks and completing her course, I can feel nothing short or a temporal shift in my life. It’s as if all of the doors that had once been closed are beginning to open and I am recognizing the changes and the opportunities afforded to me with a new confidence. I’m not saying this is easy or a one and done kind of program. You are going to get out more than you put in, but you must be open and honest with yourself, and as she says “Do the work and make it real.”

If you approach her programs and help with an open and honest mind and you are truly ready to look objectively and with understanding at all facets of what brought you to where you are today, you can not help but be transformed.

You are so much more than flesh and bone. There is an everlasting light that burns within in us all and Amunet can and will help you find it, and when you do, it will change everything.

I took her confidence program and it was worth every penny and in the process (unexpectedly) I have discovered my own intuitive abilities as an empath. All I can say is, invest in your self, no item is more precious.

My experience with Amunet was truly one of a kind. I was very blessed to be introduced to this beautiful soul because I can honestly say that she changed my life.


~ Soraya

Amunet goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals and comes from a place of sincerity!

~ Katie K.

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