Receiving money as a spiritual entrepreneur can feel really challenging when you have unhelpful money beliefs, and you feel like helping people and making money are incompatible with each other. The reality is that making money by helping people is deeply sacred and spiritual. 

“Healing work should be free” was something I really felt to my core. It’s how a lot of coaches, hypnotherapists, intuitives, and healers feel, and in a perfect, moneyless society this would be the reality, but we aren’t in that utopian society just yet. 

There’s a deeper issue at play here though, and that’s that most people in the helping profession, at least when they are first starting out, feel guilty about receiving in the first place.

I have always been in the helping profession in some way, shape, or form since I was a kid. Whether that was through babysitting, helping someone in need, being a caregiver, having my own business supporting adults with developmental disabilities and seniors, to what I do now – help people with their spiritual awakening, their personal development, and their spiritual business. 

I have been on the giving end for a really long time, and it felt weird and uncomfortable for me to receive money when I became an entrepreneur. You may be feeling this way too. 

I would shrink back when I was saying my prices, because I was making the process about me, and not my potential client. I was making it about how I felt, what they might think of me, worried they would think I was greedy, etc.

When you shift your focus from you to your potential client this can take the “ick” feelings out of the process. You’re there to hold the space for your client’s transformation by helping them say yes to themselves, and your prices reflect the outcome that your potential clients can get by working with you. 

This one mental shift can create a completely different experience for you. 

When I first started out doing healing work I charged very little for my services because I felt like the type of work I was doing should be free. I gave every session my all, and my clients got great results, but if I was going to make this my full-time profession I was going to need to bring in more money, so I had to raise my prices out of necessity.

So I raised my prices with the same clients I had been working with and, much to my surprise, I observed that their results improved dramatically. I had been doing the exact same work with them that I had done before, but their results were so much better. 

The only thing that was different was that I charged them more. I understood right then that people value what they pay for, and because I had raised my prices, the perceived value was higher with my clients, even if this was at a subconscious level. 

I have only found this to be true in my practice. Also, remember that they are paying for the shortest, fastest path to getting what they want, and you are acting as a bridge to help them get that. There is so much value in that!

Having money is spiritual because being financially supported means you’ll be able to do greater work.

When you’re financially supported you can support other people more fully by being more present in your work, using the money to make your work more robust, and helping others in need through donations if you choose. 

What are the thoughts that you think about money? What do you say to yourself when you receive money? Do you feel guilty for having money?

My challenge to you is to examine your patterns around money, because when you do, your life can change. As I mentioned, one of my patterns used to be about not receiving money. Is this a pattern for you as well?

You also need to look at the overall picture of what you’re doing to make money. For me, if I’m not making money in a way that’s aligned with my overall vision, I simply don’t want it. I don’t care if it’s a million dollars. It just wouldn’t feel good to me, so it’s also important to make sure that the work you’re doing is aligned with your intuition, so you can take inspired action towards it. 

Here are 3 steps to follow to feel better about making money and helping someone. 

1. Allow yourself to receive money.

2. Identify your money beliefs to change your money blueprint.

3. Align with your vision to take inspired actions to make money. 

Another pitfall that entrepreneurs can fall into is equating money with their self-worth.

Charge what you’re worth is a common saying that floats around the business world, but your self-worth has absolutely nothing to do with money. Those are two completely separate issues.

What you’re charging for is the transformation that your client will receive by working with you.

As your experience increases, and as you create a systematic way of helping them go from point A to point B, then you can raise your prices accordingly, because they’re paying for the transformation, and the quickest and shortest path to getting what they want. 

So, if you’ve been indoctrinated in the ‘charge what you’re worth” school of thought, I’d like you to untangle that mess and start seeing your self-worth and money as two separate things. 

Are you ready to work on your money beliefs? Leave me a comment below to share your thoughts about money. 

xoxo, Amunet 


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