Whimsical ideas permeate the spiritual (and business) community about manifesting your deepest desires, your dreams, and your ambitions.

They are false ideas and are similar to creating a fake persona of being “positive” or a “high vibration”.

These are two false choices.   

Real manifestation is becoming more of yourself. 

God, or the universe, created to become more of itself, simply for the sake of expression – not to have a million dollars or to have a mini-mansion. 

These types of desires aren’t wrong. They are part of our human experience as we play in consciousness. 

However, you can have deeper fulfillment, spiritual growth, and greater awareness when you focus on experiencing and becoming more of your God-Self or the Universe. 

This is what gives you lasting peace – not the temporary fix of “manifesting” which is using your subconscious mind anyway. 

Real manifesting starts with the seed of desire to become more – to express yourself fully.

When you express yourself you move into greater awareness and unfolding of your true nature. 

Creativity and sex are gateways to expressing yourself.

You naturally fall into a meditative state which allows you to become more of yourself. 

If you erase everything I just said and focus on one thing about manifesting – it’s that it’s not what you’ve been taught by the so-called gurus.

It’s easy for them to make money when they tell you they can help you make money – just like they did. 

It’s easy for them to give you prescriptive advice on how they achieved x,y,z. – just like they did. 

At it’s best this is like a Ponzi scheme. At it’s worst it may have caused you to become depressed because you didn’t “do it” right, or you thought there was something “wrong” with you. 

The “Secret” is sad. It’s superficial at best. 

Ardent manifestors will tell you that it works. They have proof within their own lives. They followed the laws of manifesting and now their life is full of bliss.

They followed the secret laws and you can too – all for the low price of $100,000 plus processing and handling. 

They tell you that they thought positive thoughts and aligned that with good feelings. 

Is that true? 

We have 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day and 90% of them are outside of our conscious awareness – meaning we don’t have a clue what we are thinking most of the time unless you access your subconscious mind in a meaningful way. 

And what about feeling good feelings?

Fake feelings aren’t really good. They rob you of real personal development which allows you to experience many different kinds of feelings, process them, and come to a balanced place internally. 

I’m all for finding the silver lining, or the wisdom that comes from my experiences, but fake feelings are like painting over a dirty fence. 

If you’ve been victim to this type of cult philosophy, I’m sorry.

Real peace, wisdom, and wealth come from inside of you. It’s there right now and you don’t need anyone to help you access it. 

Start by looking inside yourself instead of looking to others for your answers. Guidance is good but come from a place of independence within yourself. 

There’s no secret. 

Self-discovery and creative expression are your allies. 

Both of them can be done in a myriad of ways. Can you think of any?

To your real success,



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