Let me guess – you want to manifest money, right? Yeah? That’s what I thought!

Have you ever worked really hard to manifest money?

Have you got all your pictures on your vision board of all of the things that you want or need?

You’re bringing each and every one of your thoughts and emotions into alignment, BEAMING them out into the universe, and you’re waiting for your bounty to arrive?

Or maybe your bounty has arrived, and you’re manifesting like crazy, bringing in what you need or want. Sounds awesome, right?

But what if you’re short-changing yourself? What if the universe has so much more that is waiting for you, and you’re getting in the way of it?

Grace is the answer here because the universe operates through grace. Grace is the flow of energy that is ever abundant and limitless. Grace is flow and expression. Grace, importantly, is an understanding of the ebb and flow of the universe, and an acceptance of the natural way of things.

When you fall into grace, abundance naturally flows to you, although it may not look like the way you want it to look. It may come in the form of a challenging lesson, inner awareness, physical healing, a new relationship, a change in career, and many other things.

The question is: are you willing to allow yourself to flow with grace and the universe in order to receive?

If you want to manifest more money, are you willing to allow the world to bring this to you in its own way, and in its own time, when it’s most beneficial in your story?

When you create from a higher perspective and your higher levels, when you’re in that space, things like money, possessions, fame, etc. become far less important or relevant, and you realize that merely allowing the “big you” to express through you is the real gift of abundance. You get to experience the play of consciousness as an actor.

I know, we all need money to be comfortable. Making money is not a trivial concern; we all have mouths to feed and bills to pay, and manifesting is an attractive solution to that ever-present problem, especially when it feels like we’ve already been working as hard as we can to make it. Imagine if you could quit your job, sit back, and watch as it rolled in. Right?

But what if you allowed it to show up in the way that it’s supposed to? What if you let that relationship develop how it was meant to develop? Like in the case of any relationship, blooming eventually but first starting out as a tiny bud?

The most productive form of receiving comes when you accept all that the universe has in store for you and understand your place in it. You start to fully receive your blessings when your manifestation is one of acceptance and gratitude.

To say that you should be gracious isn’t to say that you can’t be discerning or dissatisfied with the state of things as they are, but to approach the idea of manifestation not as a cheat code, but an integrated feature of the human experience that has a place in life as all other things do.

What if you fully let go into this life experience, honoring all of what it has to offer you, honoring each and every experience, every moment? Allowing that which is in your highest and best interest to unfold for you? How would you feel being that free?

We are all creators. You can be a creator in the physical realm but create from the deep space of silence that is within you.

This stillness is the stillness that arose long before the birth of existence. We all have it within ourselves, as it serves as the backdrop of all reality; this is where all things sprung forth, and it is where you can begin to take your role as a creator in your own right.

This is how you act in grace. To be graceful in creation is to accept that you are whole and that your experience on this planet is whole, and you will recognize that wholeness when you are ready.

What have your experiences been with manifesting? Leave me a comment below.

Xoxo, Amunet


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