As a life coach you may have noticed that the market is now over-saturated with coaches, healers, authors, transformational leaders, and service professionals, and it seems like it is harder and harder to be seen and heard.

You may be working so hard, and it may feel like nothing is happening in your business – it feels like it’s taking FOREVER!

No matter what business you’re in, or what stage of business you’re in, there is one truth, and that is that all roads lead to sales.

No matter what profession you’re in, you can’t escape this one fact. You need to be compensated for your work with money, and to do that you need to make sales. Which means that, in an over-saturated market, you need to perfect your sales process and conversations.

This first step to doing this is to get off of your computer.

You may have forgotten, but there is an offline world with real live human beings in it.

I am sooooo guilty of hiding behind my computer!

As an introvert (INFJ – this is code for super introvert!), I’m most comfortable behind my computer, but I noticed how isolated I began to feel because of that. Human beings benefit a lot from social contact, and real life is where we make some of our most crucial material connections, especially in the business world.

You may feel isolated and lonely in an online world as a life coach, so how do you fix this while increasing your sales?

Get in front of real live human beings and connect with them to form real relationships.

This one thing will literally transform your business!

Facebook is where most coaches, healers, transformational leaders, and service professionals hang out.

What if Facebook changed the way you did business?

Then what would happen to you?

This has happened before. Facebook encouraged business owners to promote their business page, and there were so many people who poured all of their energy into getting likes and putting up content routinely.

Then, Facebook decided to change their algorithm, which meant that people who had liked the page saw only around 5% of those posts.

This was devastating for business owners, who invested so much time, energy, money, and attention to developing their business page.

What could happen next with Facebook?

Maybe you run a Facebook group, and you’re counting on that for visibility and for getting new clients.

Facebook groups are changing as well. Now, there are more and more members that don’t see what you’re posting.

You may be thinking that you just need to get people out of Facebook and onto your email list.

This is always a good thing, and everyone should be doing this. The trouble is, people are getting anywhere from 100 to 200 emails per day.

This statistic gets even worse when a person goes “freebie crazy” and opts into everyone’s funnels (how do I know this? 18k + in my inbox), and then they get bombarded with emails.

This is what you’re up against as a life coach!

This is why it’s so important to have an offline presence as well as an online presence.

There’s also a very antiquated, but powerful, way to increase your business.

It’s called a telephone, and people used to use them every day to connect with other people and offer them their services.

This is kind of funny – because it’s so outside of our norm now, and it can bring all your self-esteem issues up to the surface.

What if I’m bothering someone by calling them?” or, “What will they think of me for calling them and offering my services?”

It can make you squirm in your seat!

Thoughts can go racing through your mind and the “What if”s start to tumble around in your brain.

“What if”s:

What if they hang up on me?

What if they think I’m greedy or selfish for telling them about my services?

What if I don’t say the right thing?

What if they say NO?

In sales, you do hear no sometimes, and that’s alright. Are you willing to hear no to get to a yes?

​​Leave a comment to let me know what your biggest fear is with picking up the phone to call a potential client.

xoxo, Amunet


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