How to Trust Yourself and Increase Your Intuition to Make Decisions

When I do intuitive readings, oftentimes I am asked to give guidance on critical issues in my clients’ lives. They want to trust themselves and their intuition, but there can be self-doubt, so they have reached out for help.

This can be a double-edged sword. I want to give my client answers, and they’re often beneficial, whether it’s about making decisions in their lives or progressing towards emotional healing. The ability to directly ask what the best decision will be and move forward with it is a unique one, because even if you ask an expert on the subject, you may run into conflicting opinions or improbable scenarios.

On the other hand, giving my client answers may be preventing them from developing the skills they need to find the answers within themselves.

Even if a person is very intuitive, they may be scared to trust their intuition and rely on confirmation from an outside source, even though that source is no better than their own knowledge.

This is understandable because much of the time we’re looking for confirmation on serious, impactful issues. Common questions involved staying with or leaving your significant other, moving, or changing careers – all things that can move and shake our lives in a tremendous way. It’s scary stuff.

So how can you begin to find your own answers and trust yourself?

We can all begin to fall into alignment with our spirit by getting out of our heads. Our conscious mind, our ego, or our personality structure can interfere with our intuitive selves by telling us that our intuition isn’t safe or trustworthy. This also coincides with a lot of our self-worth issues, which tell us our ideas need outside confirmation before being valuable.

It’s all about tummy and heart talk, people!

Our tummy and heart provide us with lots of great information. How many times have we not trusted ourselves in our lives when our tummy and heart have told us otherwise?

We may have gotten that feeling in our stomach that told us no, and then we didn’t listen because our thoughts doubted what we knew intuitively.

Our heart may have said yes to something, and we didn’t listen again because our thoughts said we were crazy for wanting something, doing something new, or for taking an opportunity that came our way.

This even happens with our most basic emotions. Even if you are intuitive, you don’t have to be to have your body react to something that isn’t suiting you. It’s your brain giving you signals that are small enough not to manifest in thoughts yet.

Neglecting your intuition is common in business, too, most notably because of how important money is to our daily lives. For most of us, if we don’t have money, we can no longer eat, we don’t have a roof over our heads, our family falls into disrepair, or more. It’s common in social situations because we’re afraid of rejection and consequences, even if they might not hurt you in any real way.

So there’s a reason for us not to jump into whatever we feel like right away, but the important part is knowing when it’s your mind telling you what you can’t do for no reason, even if you could live with the potential consequences.

As an exercise, start to become aware of what your tummy and heart are saying to you. This is how you begin to trust yourself and your decisions.

Take a moment to ask yourself how you feel. Even if you have to pause before proceeding with something, or ask for a little more time, you have a valuable opportunity to let your body and intuition tell you what you need to hear and guide you down the right path.

If your stomach is consistently upset at the thought of you staying in a relationship, that’s how you know you need to leave the relationship or change something in a significant way. If you get the intuitive feeling that a decision is the right decision for you, write down the pros and cons and let your gut feeling be one of those big “pros.”

When I have a client that asks me for guidance on a major decision, I will provide what comes forward for me. After I do, I ask them to close their eyes and ask themselves the same question and listen for the answer.

The answer always comes, and it was there the entire time.

So when you are feeling lost in your life and are looking for guidance, turn within and listen. This is what gifted readers, channelers, and intuitives do as a job, because we all have the capability of doing it deep within ourselves, even if we don’t listen. Nothing is separating you from them but time and understanding.

I hope your day is as amazing as you are!


Feel free to comment below with some of your struggles with trusting your intuition.


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