Your mind has officially been blown, and you’re going through a transformational spiritual awakening! You’re trying to figure out what it all means – you’re having synchronicities, paranormal experiences, spiritual “a-ha”s, and more. You feel energy moving throughout your body. Your emotions are heightened, and you may even swing back and forth between feeling totally blissed out, to feeling icky as your emotions and past are all coming to the surface. 

Feelings of isolation are very common with a spiritual awakening, because it’s not as if you can just talk openly about this without people looking at you like you have two heads.

So how do you talk to people about what’s happening to you?

First, you want to identify if you think the person you want to talk to about your spiritual awakening will be supportive of you, even if they don’t understand what it all means. In other words, will they treat you with respect and kindness if you share your experiences? This is so important because you want to be supported in your time of transformation, and if someone tells you that you’re possessed or that you’re crazy, it can knock you off-kilter and add to an already challenging time. 

Second, you offer up a little bit of information at a time to test the waters. You want to take your “crazy” out of your bag a little at a time to see if the information will be well received by the person you’re telling it to.

An example would be with alien contact, which can come hand-in-hand with spiritual awakening.

You could start out by bringing up the topic of alien life, then you could ask what the person thought about the possibility of life off the planet. If they were open to it, the next question would be to ask them if they thought it would be possible to have contact with aliens now. 

If they say no, end of conversation. If they say yes, you could say that you’ve heard stories of people who have actually had an encounter with aliens. If their response was supportive an open, you could then assume it would be safe to share your experiences. 

You can use this “feeler” technique about any part of your spiritual awakening.

Third, if you’re experiencing any physical phenomenon like hand mudras, kriyas, spontaneous vocalizations, or physical illness (you should always get checked out by a physician for physical issues, even if you’ve determined it’s from your spiritual awakening), and you’re around your immediate family, who you can’t hide this stuff from, you’ll then want to go into more detail as to what’s actually happening with your body. 

This can be tricky if your family members are religious and are perceiving what’s happening with you as evil, or if they think you’re mentally ill. You can lend credence to your experience by letting them know that you’re not the only one going through a spiritual awakening, and you can even reference relevant books to help them learn about spiritual awakening and the signs that come along with it. One of my favorite books to refer people to is called “Energies of Transformation” by Bonnie Greenwell, Phd. 

You could also help them understand the experience by relating it to them through what they’re familiar with, especially if you share beliefs. For example, if you have Christian family, let them know that this experience is God coming through you to share an experience in Him.

Remember that your family sees you as being one way, and the new you, and your new experiences, may make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

When I was going through my spiritual awakening, called a Kundalini awakening, my body wanted to move independent of my conscious thought, in the form of hand mudras, asanas, and through ancient dance.

This affected my poor husband! He is a regular guy who doesn’t really get all this spiritual stuff, and he had to be witness to my very overt transformation. 

I remember once when we were both watching television in our living room, sitting on the couch together, when my body decided that it was going to do all sorts of interesting and very active hand mudras while I was with him. He has always been so supportive of my spiritual awakening, but on this day it was a bit much for him, and I saw him raise his hand to form a cup around his left eye so he didn’t have to take in what I was doing as I was sitting to his left. 

In effect, he put on horse blinders by using his own hand! 

Seriously, I don’t blame him. He had to really adjust to the new me, and as a result our relationship is so much stronger. He lets me be me, and of course this is reciprocated. 

Patience from you and your family is a must during this process, but what do you do if your immediate family isn’t supportive?

We need to determine if they are just not being supportive or if they are being abusive. It’s important to make this determination because if they are being abusive to you, you will need to minimize your contact with them, or remove yourself from the situation altogether if possible. 

If they’re just not supportive then you’ll simply need to keep your experiences to yourself, educate them whenever you can, and get outside support. 

You can get additional support by joining our Facebook group for spiritual awakening here. 

The reality is that not everyone is going to understand what you’re going through, and that’s okay because they don’t need to. What’s important is that you understand what you’re going through and have support throughout this process. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to stop having a relationship with those that are close to you. There can be a new “normal” that you and those you’re connected with come to.

What challenges have you experienced with talking to people about your spiritual awakening? Leave a comment below to let me know. 

xoxo, Amunet 



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