As spiritual beings, we are having an experience in a human body. We are uniquely gifted with minds that can help us on our journey to be wise and discerning, or hinder us by making quick judgments and sealing away our opportunities.

Your mind can act as your ally or your enemy.

It can tell you that you’re valuable and worthy and give you proof that you’re safe to explore and play in the physical world. It can help you be kinder and more compassionate to others, as well as help you thoroughly enjoy their company and benefit from their presence. It can help you see new opportunities in your life.

It can also tell you that you’re not good enough, not worthy of other peoples’ attention, and that everyone here is out to get you. It can tell you that you’re not safe. It can make you lash out at your loved ones by telling you they don’t value you and want you to go. It can make you miserable. It can block you in and trap you in the same rut for years, never able to leave.

Your mind is the great interpreter of the world around you, which means that if left unchecked, it will quickly take control over everything you’re allowed to see, do, and feel in this world, even if every other part of you is screaming out for more.

The mind is often directly harmful to itself – it can put you in dangerous situations over and over again, even though all it wants is to be safe and continue existence. It might think that’s the best way to stay safe and comfortable, even if you know it’s not.

So how do you learn to work within the mind without allowing it to define your experience, to create a peaceful life and a reality that you desire?

The first step is to realize that the mind is only a filter through which you are interpreting this experience of life. What is unfolding around you comes through the brain, and you form a thought or a series of views around it, and then assign meaning to it.

Our brain uses thoughts, symbols, and feelings to understand everything in big jumbles of ideas all put together because it’s easier to understand things when you can link them. It can create unfortunate links between specific experiences and certain feelings or thoughts, but all it is, in the end, is a way of assembling a view of life that you can handle.

The next step is to become aware of the thinking process and to witness it in an unbiased and curious way. What that means is that you shouldn’t punish yourself for thinking the way that you do, just know that you do it.

Once you have been a witness to your thoughts for a time without judging yourself for the kind of ideas your mind is generating, then you can choose which ideas you would like to receive and make more of. You can do this because you’re self-aware, and therefore capable of debunking the thoughts you put forward yourself.

Which thoughts are in support of this experience of life? Which ideas allow you to feel in alignment with your spiritual self and all of life? And which ideas are unhelpful noise?

Stop reading this right now and take a few minutes to witness the thinking mind.

This meditation is a simple and powerful process because most of us don’t take the time to do it very often. We’re usually so busy with the rest of our lives that we react to things as they come and don’t pay attention to what the reactions are.

If we observe our thought patterns, we can course-correct and shape them into what we’d much prefer they looked like, reassembling our reality from them by changing our filter.

Doing this can allow you to get back in touch with a part of yourself that’s always been there, as well. As you were observing the thinking mind, who was it that was witnessing the thinking?

Some people believe it’s merely the mind talking to itself. In my opinion, while this is true, it’s also representative of the part of you that is ever present, that is the canvas to the paint, the paper to the ink.

It is a stillness within you that makes up your spiritual self. It is the same stillness that was here before anything at all decided to live and exist. Be present with this stillness and create the life that you wish, the life that you came here to live, by acting and feeling the way you truly want to inside.


If you’ve had struggles with your inner thoughts, let me know in the comments, and let me know how you’re dealing with them today.


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