Are you wondering how to achieve a spiritual awakening? Maybe you’ve been searching for the answer to this question, read books, meditated, and gone to workshops and classes, but you still don’t feel like it’s happened yet, or you’ve had a taste of an awakening and you feel like it went away.

This can feel so disappointing when you’ve read about other people’s experiences, or if you’ve experienced an awakening in the past and now it’s gone. 

Let’s take a step back before I share with you some ways to move toward a spiritual awakening. 

The first thing to understand is that you don’t need to wake up.

From a broader view, we are all a part of God that is expressing into individual experiences like you and me. So what that means is that if there was a part of God that was asleep, that would be alright, because the part of God that is asleep is still a part of God, and is whole and complete, whether it’s aware of itself or not. 

It would be as if a cell in your body felt like it needed to wake up to the fact that it was a cell in your body. That would be fine, but it’s still part of the whole body, and all is in perfect order, as it’s doing everything it’s supposed to do. 

So it doesn’t need to be awake to be a part of the whole. Likewise, you don’t need to wake up either, but chances are there’s something stirring inside of you that wants to know more. It wants to know how to achieve a spiritual awakening, which means that this is part of your journey in this lifetime. 

Spiritual awakening is an unfolding of awareness of one’s greater self, and with that comes all of the signs of a spiritual awakening.

So how do you achieve an awakening?

This is going to be different for each person, but it starts with a strong desire and intention for this to take place. Your intention is what can ignite the fire that burns brightly inside of you to become enlivened to increase your awareness of how vast you are.

Once you’ve set your intention, then comes a letting go.

This is the challenging part because you want to achieve spiritual awakening so bad, but trust me when I say that your spiritual awakening needs to take place in its own time, in a way that will serve you to your highest good. 

It is such a transformational process that if your mind and body are not yet ready, you can feel as if you’re going insane and illness can happen in the body.

This is something that shouldn’t be forced through practice, because there are more things that can go awry than can work in your favor.

When an awakening takes place in a person, part of the purpose of the awakening is to purge old wounds and release the hold that your ego has over you.

This can be hard, and you need to be ready for this.

Even if you don’t think you’ve got much to work on, the subconscious mind and body hold so much more than you’re aware of. It’s like your conscious mind only has a teaspoon’s worth of information and awareness about you, and your subconscious and body have an ocean of information that can be brought to your attention.

So, gentle the wind blows your way with spiritual awakening, and may you land softly as your awareness expands.

Once you’ve set your intention to awaken, you can set your intention to open your heart. When you open your heart, you let down protective barriers that have kept you safe from the things you’ve experienced in your life.

What this does is allow for self-healing to take place because you’re not as guarded and protective of what you’re holding inside. Feelings can bubble up to the surface to be worked with, and you can release your past.

Opening your heart allows you to begin to examine your beliefs, and release the hold that the ego has over you.

Next, you can focus on self-awareness and inner healing. 

When you examine and empty out all the emotions and false beliefs you’ve acquired over your lifetime within your subconscious, it creates a space inside of you to access your intuition and spiritual awareness. 

When you combine the above with meditation or spiritual practices, this can help this process along.

So, you set your intention for achieving a spiritual awakening, then you open your heart as best as you can so you can do inner work, which allows you to access your intuition and have greater awareness, which in turn leads to a spiritual awakening. 

Rinse and repeat. 

Then, as you have more and more spiritual experiences, you can immerse yourself in them, but you need to remember that you’re still human and having a human experience. 

What happens after you’ve become spiritually awakened? You have a dual experience of knowing that you’re so much more than your human self, but still having a human experience.

Nothing is more spiritual than being a human, because that’s where true spiritual mastery comes in. To be self-aware, and cosmically aware at the same time is the objective, because that’s when you can let heaven flow through you to share it with the world, while still living a very human life.

How do you feel about what I’ve talked about here? What are your thoughts on spiritual awakening? Leave me a comment below. 

xoxo, Amunet 



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