Think about letting go of who you perceive yourself to be.

Imagine you were no longer held back by yourself. Imagine what it might be like to understand yourself inside and out, and to be consciously aware of what was once hidden from your conscious awareness.

You would have access to guidance from your subconscious mind, the spirit realm, and be able to help yourself. You would feel safer and more confident.

When you shine a light on what was hidden, you become available to your spiritual self. You allow your broader “being” to come forth and express through you, using your newly blank slate as a canvas to paint new, beautiful pictures on.

Does this sound inspiring and transformative? Or does it sound absolutely terrifying?

The real answer is that it’s both.

As a hypnotist, I witness the inner workings of the mind and the “programming” held within. The brain has complex pathways it uses to judge its experiences just as a computer can be taught how to react to specific inputs – and it doesn’t always respond in a way that’s useful.

But a computer can be accessed and reprogrammed in an instant. A human being is more complicated. Moreover, we feel – we’re conscious beings who must occupy the space of our bodies and minds until the very end.

Hypnotherapy is a useful way of interacting with a person’s internal programming because you’re able to access and rewrite it whatever way the client prefers. This is the ultimate self-help! How? Let’s take an example: someone who possesses a deep belief that they are unlovable.

They may not be aware that they feel that way, but their thoughts and actions show it. They have anxiety; they deflect compliments; they self-deprecate; they repeatedly date people who don’t love them; they apologize when they aren’t wrong; et cetera – why? Because on some level, they believe all of this is appropriate for them.

They think deep down that they’re unlovable, so they enact that belief upon themselves.

Using hypnosis, we access this person’s subconscious mind. Through the power of suggestion and reframing, we’re able to remove the line of code that dictates, “act, feel, and believe that I am unlovable.”

Removing that would be good enough, as they would be able to develop new relationships and start receiving love in their life. The power of a blank slate is the ability to set forth and draw new life on it.

But instead, we go further. We replace it with new programming, that dictates, “act, feel, and believe that I am lovable and loved.”

The positive impact this has on the client’s life is tremendous and allows them to help themselves. They’re able to exist without the constant, aggressive degradation of feeling deep down that they shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Imagine living with that every day, and one day (after a few sessions with a hypnotherapist) having that ten-ton weight lifted off your back and being allowed to breathe again.

While that’s seriously amazing, what it is is still programming.

What lies beyond the programming? It’s what everyone has regardless of how they’ve learned to interact with life: their consciousness. The essential self, the one that is ever-present, without personality, without ego. Many religions call this the soul or the spirit.

When we eliminate all of the programming that tells us how to interpret the world, we come entirely into our spirits. We release more of who we thought we were: the “us” shaped by whatever anyone else said we were, by all of our hardships and material considerations. Instead, we gain who we are for real.

When this happens, it’s scary. For most people, anyway – I’m sure some are thrilled when it happens, but most of us aren’t prepared to let go yet. Our true selves are so massive and expansive. They’re always there, watching through the window of our minds, but our minds have forgotten all about them.

And since our minds don’t know where we’re going, it feels like we’re drifting off into the void, and we’re kicking and screaming and clawing back the whole way because the ego tries to hang on to help itself remain in control.

It is the release of the ego, and it takes place every day, one moment to the next.

With the release of the ego, we are free. What it leaves us with is only the most profound awareness of our real selves. And we can incorporate this awareness – this bottomlessly deep security of knowledge – into our human lives. We get to share in knowing ourselves with others.

This progress is invaluable to anyone who’s undergone hardship, as we all have. We get to finally understand that our past, present, and future don’t define who we truly are.

Know that fear is natural and don’t let it overtake you. It’s your time to get to know yourself. It won’t be easy, but you will always have a friend, a cohort, and a confidant – you.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and if you’ve experienced this beautiful phenomenon!

Xoxo, Amunet


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