So, you’ve had a spiritual awakening. You’re opening up to more of your spiritual essence and undertaking an expansion of your consciousness, but how do you continue to grow once your spiritual awakening has begun?

I’m an impatient person, and generally speaking, I want everything to happen right away. This has been the case for me with spiritual awakening, and it may be the case for you too. 

Once you’ve had a taste of bliss, it’s hard to not feel like you have it all the time.

Spiritual awakening is an unfolding of consciousness that can expand or contract at any given time in your journey, although you really can’t go backwards. You may feel like you’re taking 3 steps back, but you’re always moving forward with new awareness. 

Your new awareness may not look like what you thought it would though. With spiritual awakening comes deep inner work. 

This means that you may have to face a part of yourself that was hidden deep within you. What can emerge are your deepest, darkest fears, beliefs, and unhealthy patterns. With this comes an opportunity to grow in your spiritual awakening, because this is part of the process. 

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this part of the process by trying to only ever operate from a high vibration, or only ever feel love. When people do this they wind up swinging back in the opposite direction and feeling like they’ve totally failed. The reality is that they simply needed to work through their beliefs, their emotions, and their past. 

This is what creates more of an opening in your consciousness and allows you to hold more light. 

It doesn’t feel very enlightened though, does it?

But it’s no different with spirituality than having to work out in the winter to fit in your summer bathing suit.

When there’s awareness that inner work is needed, you can dive in and get to work. You can always take a break if you need to along the way. And what’s great is that you’ll still have times where you can be unified with all that is, see through to the other side, and be in an expansive state. 

During this time it’s very common to experience anxiety and depression. This can be a healing crisis, and if you need outside support, don’t hesitate to get it. There’s no reason that you have to do this alone. 

For some people they may feel like their entire spiritual awakening experience has vanished. It’s like they have seen all of existence and then it’s suddenly gone, and they feel as if the world has fallen flat.

This happened to me. I was driving on the freeway a long time ago, when suddenly I had the answer to everything, and I mean everything. I knew, deep within my being, what appeared to be all of existence. I had this incredible complete knowledge. This lasted for about 5 seconds and then it just vanished. 

What a bummer! It wasn’t until years later that I had my Kundalini awakening, but I felt like I was given manna from heaven, and then it was taken away. 

If this has happened to you, what may have happened is that the spiritual energy inside your body has primed the pump, if you will, for a future awakening. This is an important part of the process because it means that your body is being prepared for an intense energy to flow through it. There is no way to know when your spiritual energy will become aroused again, but have faith that all is in good order. 

So, you can keep growing spiritually by doing your inner work, doing mindful practices, and setting your soul’s intention for your highest and best good, so that your awakening will continue to unfold perfectly for you in the appropriate time frame.

Also, hypnosis is an amazing tool that can help you clear out what’s being exposed from your spiritual awakening. It allows you to work with your subconscious mind to release any untruths about you. 

When you release these untruths in your subconscious mind, it allows you to tune into your intuition more freely, and connect with your higher self and guides.

What have been your biggest challenges with continuing to grow once you’ve had your spiritual awakening? Leave me a comment below to let me know.

xoxo, Amunet  


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