Have you ever wanted to know how to talk to your spirit guides? How could your life improve if you had access to a team of beings that wanted to help you whenever you called on them?

But how do you summon your spirit guides?

In order to answer that question, we need to take a deep dive past all of the normal “5 steps to talk to your spirit guides” advice. It’s fine advice, but we can go deeper into spiritual understanding, so you get a sense of what spirit guides are, and how to have a strong connection with them. 

Let’s go back to the very beginning to gain a better understanding, shall we? In the bible, in Genesis 1:3, God said “Let there be light: and there was light.” What this represents was a birthing forward from stillness, and that stillness was God.

You are part of that stillness, and you’re also a part of the first light of creation that birthed forth from this space of nothing. Some people refer to this space of stillness as “the void” or the “womb of creation”, and it is ever present; like the canvas to paint, or paper to ink.

This stillness is always with us and is part of us.

The first expression of light that birthed from stillness is you too, as it came forth as a creation of God, and is part of God. As God continued to express itself, it spiraled out like a fractal to create different levels of light and consciousness, until it arrived to express you and me, as individuated life streams (AKA – a person). 

So we’ve gone from the macrocosm (the big you), to the microcosm (you as a person), which can give you an understanding of where you came from, and in just a bit, I’ll share with you how you can use this understanding to talk to your spirit guides.

From this original birthing comes the many stories (or experiences) that we have from our perspective as individuated life streams of consciousness (or people). This includes different dimensions, galactic federations, karma, past lives, aliens, and the like, plus our human experience. 

As creators, we are part of a creative process that is ever unfolding, and this is represented in each of our lives. We each have different experiences and perspectives based off of what we’ve experienced from birth on up. 

But what happens is that we can lose our awareness of the larger part of ourselves. We may have an intellectual knowledge of it, a la “we are all one”, but we’ve oftentimes lost the direct, inner knowledge aspect of this, meaning we’re able to feel and sense the larger part of us from the inside out.

When this happens our point of orientation tends to be centered on ourselves, and this makes sense, right? Without always having that greater knowledge of the big us, naturally our awareness goes towards the little us, or our individual self and our experiences. 

So what does all of this have to do with being able to talk to your spirit guides?

It’s important to understand the big picture to understand what spirit guides actually are to you. When you want to connect with your spirit guides, or you’re going through a spiritual awakening and you’re naturally connecting with your spirit guides, there are a lot of unanswered questions. 

“How do I connect?”, or “I connected with a presence that felt like my spirit guide, and I don’t know what it means.”, or “I must be completely nuts because I saw my spirit guide!”

This is why I want to paint a bigger picture for you. Because you’ll have a greater understanding of who you truly are, no matter what question comes forward, you will have a sense of the answer. 

Your spirit guides are you, and they are like a reflection in the mirror.

I will never forget the moment I truly knew this. I do energy healing, and I’ve done countless energy healing sessions for my clients. A part of my process was working with my spirit guides to help me assist in the healing of the person I was working with. This was a guide that had become known to me as a result of a series of shamanic initiations, so he was a very important figure in my work. 

As I was working with my clients’ energy I requested assistance from this guide, as I had many times before. It was right then that I had an unwavering understanding that I, as a creative expression of God, had summoned forward a part of myself represented as a wise and all-knowing spirit guide to give me the exact help and information that I needed to assist my client. 

Really, words don’t do justice to this experience, but I want to pass on the wisdom to you. The wisdom is that you have direct access to your spirit guides because they are simply a part of you, much like you have cells in your body that are a part of you. 

When you have an authentic desire to know more of the “big you”, it acts like a beacon for greater awareness to come to you. So, talking to your spirit guides is at your ready, because they are a reflection in the mirror as to what you need in that moment.

What this means is that you don’t need to be “special” or “spiritually awake” to have this experience. What this means is that you can start giving yourself internal permission to allow the process to unfold, in whatever time frame is of your highest and best good. 

When you want to connect with your spirit guides, what you’re really doing is accessing a greater part of yourself, and the way to do this is by beginning to open your heart to all of existence and the play of consciousness that is always unfolding. 

So that means anyone can connect with their spirit guides. It’s simply a matter of intention, time, and listening, as your awareness increases, and you bring the part of yourself forward that you need at that time, that has the perfect wisdom to share. 

It’s wonderful to meditate to connect with your spirit guides or to look for signs from them, but I wonder: how can you expand on that?

What would happen if you opened your heart more fully to tap into yet more knowledge? How would it feel to be filled with peace and allow that peace to flow through you to help others?

When you want to connect with your spirit guide it means that you’re yearning for more, and what that “more” is has to do with a greater awareness that’s waiting to unfold within you and fill you with wisdom and peace.

When I was going through my spiritual awakening I had a voracious appetite for spiritual knowledge, and of course I wanted to connect with my spirit guides. I’m sure you have this thirst as well, so I have some suggestions for you. 

Here’s what can help you:

  • Ask your spirit guides to become known to you and communicate with you. This means you’re setting your intention to connect with them (remember they are you!). An easy way for you to do this is by picking an object that will serve to focus your attention on. I recommend a natural object such as a stone. So, the stone becomes your anchor to focus your intention as you call on your spirit guides to communicate with you. As you hold the stone, let your intention to connect grow, and then sit quietly to allow any communications from your spirit guides to come through. This takes time and patience, but soon enough you will start to receive messages. This may come in the form of a word, and image, or sentences, until you arrive at full communication. 
  • Meditation is an excellent tool to increase your awareness, but many people struggle thinking they need to control their thoughts while meditating. Do this instead: let your thoughts happen naturally without trying to control them, and place your attention on the quiet space in between your thoughts or words. This will increase over time, and you’ll find that you have less thoughts while meditating, which means you’ll be able to hear your spirit guides and intuition easier. 
  • Give yourself permission to allow your awareness to unfold in you. You can do this by saying “It’s safe for me to expand my consciousness.” daily to reaffirm this intention. 

Awareness is like a flower that’s waiting to bloom inside you. When it opens fully, its fragrance permeates all your senses and you have a dual experience of knowing how vast you are, and honoring your human journey.

Much like a projector plays on a movie screen, once you have greater awareness you can be the projector and the stream of light that creates a movie at the same time. 

With this comes a connection to your spirit guides. I wonder what they may have to say to you, and what your thoughts are on the topic. Leave a comment below to let me know!


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