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The Shadow Inside of You: Become more Conscious and Spiritual by Acknowledging all of...

Have you ever been horrified by your own behavior? Have you ever had thoughts that you were ashamed of? Have you focused on being...

Spirituality, and the Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

"What's happening to me?", "Am I going crazy?", & "What does a spiritual awakening look like, and what are the signs?" are common questions...

You don’t need to raise your vibration to awaken spiritually

Not a lot of people know that you don’t really need to raise your vibration. I know, this is the absolute opposite of what you've...

Addiction, Anxiety, and Depression Can Have Roots in Your Body, Beliefs, Thoughts, and Emotions. 

Have you ever considered that addiction, anxiety, and depression have roots in your body, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions? I started drinking when I was 12...

Spiritual Awakening: How do you contact your spirit guides?

Have you ever wanted to know how to talk to your spirit guides? How could your life improve if you had access to a...

I Repressed a Near Death Experience.

When you experience trauma, your mind can, and often does, block out some or all of the memories. This includes unusual experiences...
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