Deep down, do you know that you have special spiritual gifts to share with the world? Do you have a burning desire to make our planet a better place? 

How would it feel to wake up every day and know that you are fulfilling your soul’s calling and doing the work that you came here to do? What’s stopping you from claiming your gifts and doing your soul-aligned work?

Could it be that fear or lack of self-worth are keeping you stuck? Maybe you haven’t communicated your beliefs to friends and family, and you’re concerned about what other people will think of you. 

Perhaps they haven’t been supportive in the past of your beliefs, and claiming your gifts means that you might be subjected to their criticism.

I was ready to hit the publish button back in 2011 on my brand new website when I had a major internal freak out. My palms got sweaty, and my heart raced as fear coursed my body. “Am I really going to do this?” “People will think I’m crazy if I publish this information on my website.” After all, I was talking about energy healing and aliens! 

After my spiritual awakening, I felt energy come through my hands and I had a strong desire to assist people through energy healing. I knew that Reiki was more mainstream so I decided that getting trained in that modality was my next right step.

I got certified as a Reiki Master, and I got a permit to work out of my house, but my self-esteem had taken a hit because when I told the guy in the permit department that I needed a permit to do energy healing, he burst out laughing – out loud – while I was on the phone.

“So much for sharing my spiritual gifts,” I thought. 

That was unfortunate, and it required some serious inner strength not to shrink back in that very awkward phone conversation.

So, there I was, ready to hit publish on my website, but I was really freaked out. “Does this mean people will think I’m crazy?”


“If they do think I’m crazy, can I live with that if it means I’m fulfilling my calling?” and “Is this actually going to work?”

I had worked for the state of California at that time, working with adults with developmental disabilities. While I absolutely loved working with people with developmental disabilities, I detested working for the state because their behavior towards my clients was horrible and uncaring. It was a heavily regulated system and no matter how I tried to help, I was met with a brick wall, so it was time for a change, as sad as it was. 

This along with my spiritual awakening was the catalyst to creating a heart centered business and stepping out in faith as a solo entrepreneur. 


I had just done it. I published my website and made this real. Real to me, at least. I had made an internal commitment to myself to make my new business work, no matter what anyone thought of me, or what struggles may come forward as a spiritual entrepreneur. 

This was it! Finally, I felt aligned and peaceful, and 7 years later, I’m so happy that I clicked the publish button, because if I hadn’t, I would have missed out on so much!

Committing to your dreams is one of the most important things you can do if you want to share your spiritual gifts. It means that you’re afraid and you do it anyway.

It means that you let other people think what they want about you, because you have people waiting to work with you right now. They are simply asking that you commit to your dreams so that your paths will align, and you can learn and grow from each other. 

It means that you stop treating your spiritual gifts as a hobby, and put them to work to assist others, even if you’re not quite sure how you will help them yet. 

The question is: will you commit now? Not later, but right now? 

If so, what does that commitment look like? How can you begin today?

If you aren’t ready to publish a website, you can start out by volunteering with a safe person to try out your special gifts. Maybe you’ve already got your website up, but you haven’t committed to your work and calling. Maybe you can recommit to your work and put action behind it. 

By the way, it’s important to put action into your business. Manifestation happens when you put action behind your intention and take inspired action towards what you want.

Another roadblock that comes forward is feeling out of alignment with receiving money from your clients. This is normal. It is important to receive something, usually in the form of money, because this is our form of exchange.

People value what they pay for, so this is why it’s important to charge something for your services. 

It’s good to visualize clients coming to you, and it’s also good to do something in your business to make that happen. 

I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you’re ready to commit to using your spiritual gifts. 

xoxo, Amunet 


  1. I don’t know where to start…
    There’s a parable; “What You Looking For Will Find You FIRST” because Perspective is better than Image. Our eyes can trick US but not the SPIRITUAL.
    Hmmmm may you real-eyes The BEST 2020 Visions of COLLABORATIONS_EXECUTION &_TRANSFORMATION

    Thank You Mrs Burgueno,
    YOU ROCK!!!
    (I wish I can bump into someone of your stature @ a random airport restaurant)


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