Fear is a set of beliefs held deep within your collective consciousness.

What does “collective consciousness” mean?

If you’ve ever had belly button lint, you might understand. You look in there one day and there’s nothing, and then the next day there’s a little surprise in the form of a ball of lint.

Collective consciousness is like if everyone had a belly button so large that built up over so much time that we could be stuffing pillows with all that belly lint (I know, it’s gross).

When fear is prevalent in our consciousness and collects over time, this is basically what happens.

The energy of fear collects as if it were a physical substance and forms patterns and shapes that are like lint collecting in your belly button, which form beliefs that make it easy to remain trapped there.

We can struggle with all our strength to loosen its hold on us via distractions, work, and other secondary feelings and experiences.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of needing to be around somebody? Needing to have companionship?

We all have. While this psychology of need is romanticized by television dramas and romantic comedies, for the rest of us not on the silver screen, the desire for contact to soothe our woes is often a disguise for our fear.

We don’t want to be alone, because when we’re alone, there’s nothing to distract us or to be lost in like when we’re with another person. We can even fear being alone because we’re afraid of the fear.

Real, healthy companionship isn’t based on fear, but on sharing your life with another person independently and offering mutual support.

Allowing for the ebb and flow of companionship in a balanced, compassionate, and heart-centered manner is very different than feeling the need or even a powerful desire – such that the alternative saddens or upsets you – to be with someone else.

Fear of loss, failure, death, success, and of being in want of something are all ways that we’ve entangled ourselves in the web of fear that’s built up in our collective consciousness. It’s just like the fear that gives us a need for a relationship to soothe our wounds.

Here on our planet, as humans, we have an infinitely complex way of interacting with the world and people around us. You may see things from a broader perspective and assume they don’t mean much – after all, they may not have materially affected you – but they probably mean something to our deep collective consciousness.

Our subconscious mind will often perceive the experience with the assumption that this means something terrible, or that this will always happen to you, which entrains the rest of us to that fearful belief and forces us to enact it in every area of our life.

We’re then bound by that pattern, which we hold in all of our being, up to and including our energetic bodies. This, in turn, attracts more of the same to our lives, especially if we’re subtly taking actions that reflect it.

Fear and our minds mold to each other, and we have thoughts of fear routinely.

We have anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. How many of those are fear-based? Many more than you might assume.

To make things worse, we assume the fear is a part of our personality. We think all of our fearful thoughts constitute our characters, our being. We become our fear, and because we can’t escape ourselves, we see no escape from the fear – if we can even recognize it.

Most people in that situation think distraction is the only way out. Sometimes, though, it’s the most insidious way fear enters our lives.

By distracting ourselves, we’re distracting ourselves from ourselves. If we spend so much time distracting ourselves that we don’t look in at what’s there, or spend time with loved ones, or take steps to heal ourselves or enjoy any other part of life – maybe not even enjoy the distraction itself – we wall off all of life.

Essentially, distraction is another way of guarding ourselves. Guarding ourselves is one of the most fundamental human means of coping with difficult circumstances. But is it necessary now?

We guard ourselves by working or playing too much, hiding within ourselves, and creating boundaries that aren’t needed to interact with the world safely anymore, not letting the beauty of life past them.

So what’s a human to do?

Starting today, turn your eye towards the decisions you make in your life, towards your desires, and towards the things you’re uncomfortable with, and that make you upset in life.

If you desire to raise your income, get a new house, buy new clothes, change your job, start a relationship, leave a relationship, and so on, always check in with how you’re feeling and what thoughts are presenting.

Is your relationship with the idea fear based? Are you holding yourself back from something because you’re afraid of the consequences? Are you throwing yourself into something because you’re scared of what you might feel or experience if you didn’t?

If this is the case, a way to disentangle ourselves from the collective consciousness is to make yourself aware of it. Remind yourself that this is just all your belly button lint, and you can pick it out and proceed like you didn’t have it.

Visualize it being thrown away just like you throw away anything you don’t need. Over time, having that reminder will help you move into alignment with your spirit and with your authentic life path.

xoxo, Amunet

Let me know how fear manifests in your life and what you do to stop it in the comments!


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