Empaths are people who feel – and they feel strongly. Think of being an empath as your superpower, and this power is one of your spiritual gifts. If you’re an empath, communication can be difficult for you because you’ll pick up on the other person’s feelings hard. Crowded areas can be a nightmare because people’s emotional baggage might assault you and you feel like garbage when you come back out.

Sometimes you know things you shouldn’t and can’t explain why to people – just that you had a feeling.

If those things sound like you, there’s a lot more that empaths report dealing with on a regular basis.

Get a pen and paper and keep track of how many of these traits you’ve got.

Maybe you can find someone you relate to or identify something new about yourself with your spiritual gifts, and that would be more than worth it to know.

  1. You strongly feel, or almost absorb, the feelings of others or from traumatic events from the past.
  2. Your body symptoms match those of others.
  3. You have sensory problems, or a sensitivity to sound.
  4. You have difficulty with big crowds (shopping malls are almost impossible).
  5. You often feel worn out, fatigued, or drained, and you don’t have the energy for other people.
  6. You feel cornered or distressed when being social, even when it’s with people you love.
  7. You find yourself needing to prepare yourself to socialize, even if it’s only for a little while.
  8. You accommodate your entire schedule around your empath traits.
  9. Your environment strongly affects your temperament.
  10. You’re seen as sensitive or a crybaby because of your empath traits.
  11. You can tell when someone’s trying to deceive you or manipulate you.
  12. You’re often seen as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend.
  13. Your feelings are intense – naturally.
  14. You have a strong and deep reaction to negativity.
  15. You’re occasionally interrupted by the sudden feeling of another person’s pain.
  16. You’re naturally inclined to the spiritual, the metaphysical, the healing, and the unconventional.
  17. You have an extreme drive to help people or find yourself supporting them regardless of if you’re seeking them out.
  18. You prefer deep conversations. Small-talk drives you nuts.
  19. You get bad gut feelings – only literally. Digestive problems are common among empaths.
  20. You have difficulty losing weight, or you’re sensitive to food at any body weight.
  21. You dissociate so your feelings are less intense.
  22. You’ve often heard you’re different, strange, that you’re a bit of a black sheep.
  23. You need a lot of downtime to yourself.
  24. You get information from your gut that you shouldn’t be able to know; you’re intuitive.
  25. You think life is great – you just wish you had it to yourself!

Empaths are amazing people in their own ways, often being the thinkers, artists, and philosophers of our time – but even if you’re not that person, just know there are people out there who share your strengths and spiritual gifts.

Lots of us struggle on a regular basis to make it through the day if there are people involved, but as long as we can carve out a place for ourselves, we’ll always find someone willing to give us that extra little bit of space we need.

Empaths can also struggle with having good boundaries. When you feel everyone’s pain, it can be natural for you to want to reach out to help others. You need to help yourself first so that you can help other people if you choose to.

Be mindful of codependent patterns. Because you have felt other people’s emotions for such a long time, you may say things or do things just to make them happy. This isn’t healthy.

Then you need to claim your spiritual gifts as an empath and stop apologizing for being an empath.

When you allow your empath abilities to serve you instead of holding you back, you’re helped, and if you choose, you can help others if you want to.

Would you like help becoming an empowered empath?

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Warm fuzzy feelings,

Amunet 🙂


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