Have you ever worried that your chakras might not be spinning in the right direction, or that they might be bogged down by negativity, or closed up entirely?

I’m asked by my clients now and again whether their chakras are clear. It’s often a very pressing question for them.

They might think they’re unwell if their chakras are closed and still. But the worry is unnecessary – they’ve merely stepped out of one reality box and put themselves right into the spiritual reality box, where their concerns in life end up carrying over.

The “chakra” is a concept originally from Hinduism and Buddhism that refers to energetic vortexes at seven primary points in the body, and at many more smaller points located throughout the physical form.

It’s often taught in Western spirituality that the chakras are the path to enlightenment and spiritual awakening, and for many, this can be very true.

There’s lots of information floating around telling people to clear their chakras and have them open, clear, and spinning in the right direction.

Healers are often preoccupied with dealing with their clients’ chakra systems. But what if they’re missing something? What if this is limiting the results they achieve with their clients?

Contrary to much spiritual teaching, there are schools of thought dictating that the chakra system should be eradicated from the body. The idea is that they were put there to keep you under control by astral oppressors and that their presence limits your connection with your higher being.

So, as you’ll see, there are multiple perspectives regarding whether chakra management is vital to your energetic life.

But what if you switched your perspective to connecting yourself with an infinitely larger part of you? One that’s outside of these realities entirely?

I seldom focus on the chakra system when I’m working with clients, because they’re so, so much more than their chakras, and they can access much more of their being if they shift their focus upwards.

How to start? Breathe in more of yourself.

The only separation between you and “all that is” is the idea that you are separate. By setting your intention to take in more of your omnipresent true essence, you can move your perspective from your chakras to much more of yourself, tapping into it like taking fresh air into your lungs.

Just this can move you powerfully towards expanding your consciousness and embodying your spiritual essence.

The chakra system can be useful, but hyper-focusing on it can keep you bound to a reality that uses your chakras as a limitation, guides that tell you that you aren’t where you need to be right now despite their ever-shifting nature as you unveil more of your vibrant, complicated inner life and emotions. We may feel that because our chakras are going through shifts and changes of their own, we aren’t where we need to be spiritually and may never fully awaken.

When you release your need to settle into a set of laws, you can free yourself from that reality and endeavor towards other realities, where you’re embodying more and more of your spiritual essence.

Opening the chakras is an excellent way to spiritually awaken, as it was in my case. I had a full Kundalini awakening, myself. But it’s absolutely not the only way to awaken.

You have the universe at your fingertips, and the spiritual journey is just a matter of knowing that you’re everything you’re seeking and more. The only thing that’s preventing that are ideas that you can’t.

When you connect with the larger “you,” your inner knowledge increases exponentially, and you’re able to finally move into enlightenment your own way.

It can happen any time, by any means, no matter what your chakras look like at the time. They may even be acting up as a result of what you’re feeling during your spiritual awakening process.

Spiritual awakening, as with all of life, is about being open-minded and curious about everything that you are, because you are already enlightened.

Live your enlightened life fully!

xoxo, Amunet

Let me know what you think in the comments, and what struggles you may have had with your chakras!


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