Many people in the new age community feel that people who are religious are bound by dogma and that they simply don’t “know” what it is to have spiritual truth or to be spiritually awakened. It is a form of “othering” and can be very damaging to people of different faiths who believe in God.

I grew up in the Christian religion.

I found it to be very conflicting because I felt that there were many contradictions within the Bible, the idea of sin didn’t resonate with me, and I also wasn’t sure about God’s punishment of his people.

It still doesn’t fall in line with my beliefs to this day, but I’ve also gained so much benefit from the religion. I see the Bible in a new way and have tuned into some of the deeper meanings that it conveys.

When I was of the Christian faith, I had some seriously profound spiritual experiences.

I once had a profound life-altering dream where I was standing in a field, and it was as if I was a tree. I felt inclined to look at my right arm as it extended upward towards the sun, and I saw and felt fruit growing out of my hand.

It would seem that this would be such a strange experience, but I had a profound knowing that I was a part of God birthing forth creation.

I was not separate from God, but merely an extension.

This experience demonstrates that people who are religious can and do awaken spiritually, it just may not look like you think it “should.”

We are all guilty of judgments, myself included, but it’s time for us to come together as one unified body.

We just can’t continue to divide ourselves by our differences. It has to stop now, especially within the spiritual community.

If we are genuinely spiritually evolved, then we accept everyone’s beliefs as they are.

I would like to clarify something here.

Some people have had experiences that were negative within religion.

Someone may have done something to you and abnegated responsibility, using religion as an escape.

Perhaps you were part of a religion that was very rigid, and it caused inner conflict or even psychological damage to you.

You may need to heal from that experience.

Sometimes when we have experienced trauma, to protect ourselves, we can then think a person, place, or thing is bad. This is your subconscious mind doing its job to protect you from more danger.

An example is of a woman who has experienced physical abuse in a relationship.

She may assume that all relationships are abusive and avoid them because of that.

She’s not wrong to want to protect herself, but she doesn’t yet realize that relationships can be much more than abuse and that she could benefit from a healthy relationship if she ever wanted to try again.

A real pet peeve of mine is hearing someone say that someone else isn’t awake.

What does that mean anyway?

If you really believe that we are all one as a unified creation of God, then how could God not be awake to itself?

Maybe it’s never occurred to you that a person deemed “not awake” is perfectly fine the way they are.

Is there any part of God that isn’t divine?

When we say someone isn’t awake, we are only demonstrating a lack of a greater awareness of the one body, and we are relying on an incomplete and judgmental intellectual assumption rather than a real, deep knowledge.


I know this because I had said people were asleep before, early on in my spiritual awakening.

If something was outside of my beliefs, I simply dismissed the person as someone who wouldn’t understand because they were asleep, and it was only me and others like me who knew the truth.

Only through a more profound spiritual unfolding does one begin to let go of their judgments, as they start to feel other people, and all that is, as an extension of themselves. This comes with time.

So are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

Are you ready to come together as one body that is unified, or are you going to continue to play the awake/asleep game?

It’s all right if you do, but you’re going to be limiting your spiritual growth, and the division will continue.

True awakening happens when we embrace all beliefs and come together as one body.

What will you do?

xoxo, Amunet


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