Are You Sending Messages of Hate to Your Body? Improve your self-esteem now.

You can start improving your self-esteem about your body now and stop sending it negative messages.

Have you ever wished that your body looked different?

Do you pick apart certain parts of your body, as if you’re under a microscope?

Do you compare your body to other people’s?

Have you ever told yourself that you’re too old to be beautiful, or that you’re just plain ugly?

Do you pick at your skin, pop every pimple, and notice every blemish?

Are you ashamed of your body?

You might not realize it, but what you’re actually doing is sending your body the wrong message in the form of your thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

All the time you’re spending focusing on what’s “wrong” with your body is forcing your body to interpret itself as a problem. Your body responds in accordance with your feelings and beliefs because your body wants to act out what your brain wants to act out. If everything you’re thinking about your body is negative, your body will respond with stress, imbalance, and an exacerbation of the problems you might be admonishing yourself for.

These little messages of hate are unproductive; they only tell you about problems you can’t solve, or if you can solve them, the tradeoff is usually not worth it. Acne treatments, for instance, can sometimes be hazardous to the body, or otherwise expensive – when you could be spending that time and energy learning how to accept your body for what it looks like.

I used to put so much pressure on my body and my self-esteem suffered!

I was so incredibly hard on myself, and I expended BOATLOADS of energy trying to be “good enough” or “pretty enough.” It was beyond exhausting, and I could have used all that energy to do something very productive in my life and make myself feel better all around.

I didn’t realize that I was sending messages of hate to myself until my own body brought it to my attention by reacting negatively.

Your body is like the vehicle for your soul, the car that you’re driving while you’re here in the physical realm.

When you inadvertently give your body the wrong message, it does the wrong thing for you. Imagine if you responded to a potential car accident by swerving TOWARDS the source of danger. This is often what happens when you shame your body for not being good enough; you’re focusing so hard on the problem that you end up swerving right towards it.

The great news is that YOU can turn this around and increase your self-esteem!

Starting today, I want you to become aware of the negative messages that you’re sending to your body and replace them with a message that’s believable to you.

You may think you’re ugly, but you can progress all the way to feeling like you look great if you take small steps first – start by reminding yourself that, most importantly of all, you look normal and human.

If you try jumping all the way to the positive side of things, your subconscious may reject it, because your subconscious mind has been running with negative self-beliefs for so long that it needs “proof” that you’re beautiful before you can debunk that you’re ugly.

Over time, once you have enough proof built up, you can progress towards real self-positivity and self-esteem. Start with exercises like:

  • Would I think this about someone else who looked this way, or would I not bat an eyelash?
  • Have I seen people with my features before? Did I think they looked fine?
  • Are my features hurting anyone?
  • Could someone else think I was beautiful? Have other people told me I was beautiful before?
  • Why do I have to be attractive to anyone?

All of these are instrumental in giving your subconscious the “proof” that it needs to start saying, I’m beautiful.

We all have things we can and can’t do, some people more than others, but if your body has done something for you lately, you can focus on it to increase your self-esteem.

Something as simple as being able to hug your friend or write messages to the people you love, or partaking in a hobby you enjoy or being able to eat food you like. Those times where you might look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I look alright” count too.

Sometimes these things are harder some days for some people, but if your body has given to you abundantly, that’s all the more reason to celebrate it for what it does.

What is your body doing for you?

I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below about what your body is doing FOR YOU.



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