Are you having a life crisis? A life crisis can feel like everything is falling apart around you. You may have lost your job, broken up with your significant other, suddenly needed to move, gotten into an accident, or experienced illness in the body. Sometimes this is your soul helping you take your next steps in your life path.

How can you tell if it’s your soul communicating with you?

Have you ever felt a nudge to go in a certain direction in your life but quickly dismissed it? Or have you ever had a dream with a message to go in a certain direction? Has someone literally come to you with an intuitive message, or has a message been given to you through other means? Have you gotten a message or intuition when you were being creative or while meditating?

This is how your soul speaks to you, and if you ignore it, your soul will literally rearrange your life to get your attention. 

I was going for my regular walk with my dog, Buddy, and as I was walking I felt deep within me that I’m supposed to shift my work in an entirely different direction. I’ve been doing my work assisting others in a particular way for the last 6 years, and I clearly got the message that it’s time for change. This scares the crap out of me because I don’t know what’s next. I’m stepping out into the unknown without clear direction or assurances. 

I’ve learned from my past, in ignoring the messages from my soul, to sit up and pay attention when this happens so I don’t have to go through a major life upheaval from my soul trying to get my attention.

Are you afraid to listen to your intuition? This is normal because it often means that you will let go of something in order to receive something new. This is always the most uncomfortable part of the process, because you set your intention inside of yourself to acquiesce to your soul, and bravely step out into a new direction. 

How long will you wait to step out into the unknown? Will your soul have to scream at you to help you along your life path, or is now the time to listen?

Money is often a barrier to fulfilling your souls calling. If you’re in a job that you know isn’t a good fit for you, how do you quit when you have bills to pay? I ran into this problem when I heard the call years ago, back when I was working for the state of California. I knew that it was time to leave that job, but I was really worried about money. What I wound up doing was starting my practice on a very part time scale, and then as the money began to come in cut back on my hours with my state job. This way I was at least moving in the direction of my souls calling without having a major internal freak out. 

Your soul works in perfect ways to support you in the intuition given to you, and will work for your higher good. Sometimes your higher good is initially represented as misfortune as your life begins to rearrange to support your new path.

If this happens do everything you can to stay calm and focus on what you feel called to create. If you can’t imagine what that might be, focus instead on how you want to feel, and do things that bring about that feeling so you can move in the right direction. 

You can also focus on opportunities. When you open your mind to opportunities your subconscious mind will start to recognize them more frequently. If the opportunity is in alignment with what your soul is nudging you towards, and how you want to feel, then you can take a step in that direction. 

Once you’ve decided to do this be mindful of the mental chatter that comes next. This is your mind wanting to keep you right where you are because it’s what you know, and what your mind knows.

Even if you could be hurt by staying where you are, even if you’re miserable, your mind wants you to stay there because change is scary no matter how much worse not changing is. This is the part of your mental chatter to ignore because that’s what will keep you where you don’t want to be. 

Letting go and going with the flow isn’t always easy, but your soul has a blueprint for you, and it’s asking you to take that next step. Are you willing to listen and take steps toward this part of your life path?

What would happen if you did? How might your life change? How would you feel?

When you give yourself permission to be all that you can be, and to let your soul shine through you, you can live your very best life. When you commit to your path you embrace being alive and experiencing all of life instead of holding yourself back. 

What is your soul telling you right now? Leave a comment below to let me know. 

xoxo, Amunet 


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