When you awaken spiritually it’s very common to start deferring to the universe or God as an outside source of influence.

“If God/the universe wants me to have (insert x,y,z), then it will come to me.” is an example of how this can happen. At first, it’s quite comforting to know there’s a force that is there in support of your desires, but at some point you can begin to give your spiritual power away to the concept of God/the universe.

When you awaken spiritually you can feel at one with God/the universe.

This is such a profound experience that words really don’t do justice to. This experience typically ebbs and flows, and you’re left with the reminder of this (or just knew it intellectually already), and that’s typically where deferring to God/the universe comes into play.

When you start off talking about God/the universe it feels empowering, but have you ever thought that you might be giving away your spiritual power to these statements?

What would happen if you turned inward for the support you desired, instead of outward? “You are what you seek,” and “the kingdom of heaven is within you” are great reminders that what you’re asking for is within.

God and the universe are within you, as well as being outside of you. This is because you’re an expression of the divine, and what this means is that the comfort and support you’re looking for are right inside of you.

You are the universe, and you are God.

With this knowledge, would it be appropriate to ask for help outside of yourself for something that you already are? 

Of course, reaching out to your source spiritually brings you comfort, which is super important, but my challenge to you is in addition to this, to turn inward as well. 

The process of turning inward also allows you to begin the process of self-mastery in your human experience. It allows you to clear away any untruths that you aren’t a divine expression of your spiritual source, and that you aren’t whole and complete right this very moment.  

This is our human conditioning or subconscious programming within the egoic structure. This isn’t bad or wrong, it’s just that some of this conditioning can be unhelpful to you at this point of your journey. 

When you grow up you form beliefs about yourself and about life. These beliefs are like the cement that can hold your ego in place, and limit your awareness of it. 

Your ego isn’t bad or wrong. In fact, it’s your ally. It wants to protect you and keep you safe, and it assists you in having a human experience.

So, by shifting your awareness inward instead of outward, it allows you to begin (or continue) to work with your egoic structure to release the conditioning. When you do this it creates a space inside of you where you know that you are divine. Then your point of orientation shifts when you’re looking for help, because you know you’re already that which you seek.

When you work with your ego it allows you to become aware of it. When that happens it’s no longer in control of you, and you can see its inner workings as it plays out in your life through thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. 

You will still experience and acknowledge your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, but they won’t have the control that they once had on you when you were living on autopilot. 

This is incredibly liberating because your spiritual power comes directly from inside of you, and you’re mastering your human experience at the same time, since these go hand in hand.

I went to an energy healing certification early on in my career. I was so excited to start my career helping people, and becoming certified in energy healing represented beginning the path to helping people, which was so exciting to me. 

I was also in the thralls of my spiritual awakening at that time, and whenever someone did energy work on me at the event, my body responded by going into spontaneous asanas (yoga poses). 

The people at the event didn’t really understand spiritual awakening and the symptoms that some people have with it, so it wasn’t very well received at the event. 

It got even worse when I had a private session with one of the practitioners at the event, and this person went so far as to insult me as my body was reacting in this way to the energy healing. 

Needless to say, I was crushed, and I went back to my hotel room and told my husband what had happened. He tried to console me, but I felt so broken in that moment as I lay there crying. 

I decided to go inward, going deep into my wounds, and it became known to me in that very moment that my ego was the one that was crushed. Immediately I felt the sad emotions leave me, and I was filled with a sense of peace.

Had I turned my focus outward, I would have missed one of the greatest gifts of becoming aware of my ego. 

Enjoying ice cream is a way to look at shifting your awareness outward for help. When you enjoy ice cream, you savor every bite as it melts in your mouth. When you look outward for support from God or the universe, it’s like you’re taking a bite of ice cream.

Ice cream represents the gratification you feel when you call on God and the universe. It’s sweet, and fills you in that moment. 

When you turn inward, it shines a light on your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts, which is not as sweet as sitting down to a bowl of delicious ice cream, but more akin to eating your vegetables.

It’s worth it in the long run, and remember that you can still have ice cream whenever you want. 

Can you find the universe and God inside of yourself? Share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below. 

xoxo, Amunet 


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