No matter what walk of life you come from; entrepreneur, healer, career woman, creative, or stay at home wife, there comes a time when you feel the need for more. 

You’re an ambitious woman and you’ve achieved success. It’s just that as you’ve gotten older you’ve noticed that the things that used to light you up just aren’t cutting it anymore. 

It all seems rather odd, because from the outside looking in, you’ve got it made.

You’ve got good friends that are there for you and make you laugh, a nice house, are financially successful, in a great relationship, and the kids or fur babies are doing well. 

But there’s something missing…and you feel restless, anxious, or bored. 

That feeling that something is missing is a sign from your soul that it’s time for more. 

There’s a deeper calling that wants to emerge from inside of you, and it’s time to let your creativity be expressed fully. 

What that is for you will be unique to you, and once you find it, you will come ALIVE and feel inspired and excited about life again – no matter what’s happening in the world. 

You’re ready for transformation – to create your dream life and make a quantum leap.

Hi, I’m Amunet

I want to help you have a life worth living. This site is dedicated to you and your dreams.

Here’s what sets me apart from everyone else…

…your brain.

As a master hypnotist I’m able to help you reach your goals as fast as possible, with as little effort as possible.

And although we are in interesting times, I know you won’t allow obstacles to stop you from moving forward.

Because you’re ready to achieve your highest aspirations and quantum leap over challenges and obstacles.

You’re ready to run with fire at your feet to achieve your dreams, even if you don’t know exactly what that is yet. You’re ready to become a new or better person. 

And you take a stand for:

  • Inspired and aligned action
  • Liberating yourself from your limitations
  • Creativity
  • Being authentic
  • Being courageous
  • Self-compassion
  • Being grounded and present
  • Fun (with a cuss word or two)
  • Spiritual awakening and a deep soul connection
  • Trusting your intuition and empathy
  • Freedom

Let me lead the way…

You’re invited to book in a free call to discuss reaching your goals as fast as possible, with as little effort as possible.