Hello beautiful, sensitive soul!

I’m so excited that you’re ready to raise your prices with resolute confidence, create offers that light you up and support your empathic needs, and have more time to do what’s most important to you.

I know that your challenges, goals and dreams represent who you’ve been, who you’re now, and who you want to become. They live in your heart and in your mind, so I wanted to take a second to honor this. 

As an ambitious empathic entrepreneur, you’ve got big dreams and aspirations, and you take massive action, which means you’ve achieved success in your business and life already. And I want you to know how amazing you’re!

The thing is, being an entrepreneur will shine a light on your issues faster than you can whip your bra off as soon as you walk in the door and crawl into your hidey-hole to cocoon yourself from the world.

And whether or not you realize it, your business is like an unrelenting therapist on steroids who points out your doubts, fears, and limitations: 

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY – like clockwork.

And when this happens, your struggles can seep into your personal life and then boomerang back to your professional life, creating confusion, lost time and money, and stress. It’s like an entrepreneurial groundhog day that never seems to end… 

And until you tap into the power of your subconscious mind and learn how to turn your empathic and intuitive abilities into your superpower, your issues can hold you back and limit your success.

That’s why I created the Rewrite Your Mind Mastermind™. It’s for intuitive, empathic, and playful entrepreneurs (coaches, hypnotherapists, dedicated healers, and leaders) who are motivated and ready to do what it takes to move past their challenges, raise their prices, create offers that support their unique needs, and create a life and business that makes them feel alive and inspired.

Has your intuition been dropping you hints for a while that it’s time for a change?

Hi, I’m Amunet

I help spiritual entrepreneurs create a business that works with their unique needs to have more time, more freedom, more fun, and more money – without all the hustle and grind energy.

Here’s what sets me apart from everyone else…

…your brain.

As a master hypnotist, I’m able to help you reach your goals as fast as possible, with as little effort as possible.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for insight, intuition, and genuine change.

And that’s why I’ve included it in your Rewrite Your Mind Mastermind™.

It’s even more powerful than meditation, manifesting, or affirmations.

And although we are in interesting times, I know you won’t allow obstacles to stop you from making yourself a priority.

It’s highly likely that you already possess much of the skill-set you need (ahem – a plethora of DIY trainings, you’ve already hired coaches, and done all the free crap, etc.), which tells you what you need to know…

…That this is an inside job – for real.

Are you willing to waste more time and money on another training or coach that will ultimately be a distraction to the actual work that needs to be done?

This is a one stop shop to help you finally master your mind, your empathic abilities, make good friends with sales and raise your prices, and create a business (and offers) that supports your unique needs – while fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

With regular coaching it’s typically a lot of hustle or they are just addressing your business at the conscious level and not addressing your unique needs. 

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • Confidently raise your prices and have a newfound love of sales.
  • Big wins and breakthroughs – get results in record time.
  • Get past your block wall and open the floodgates for more income, inspiration, and happiness.
  • Turn your inner critic into your greatest ally.
  • Squash your fear and worry.
  • Embody a sense of peace and purpose. 
  • Relieve your internal pressure to feel calm – while gaining control of your empathic abilities and strengthening your spiritual connection. 
  • Overcome deep rooted issues to propel your life and business forward fast.
  • Activate your inner guidance system to think outside the box and get what you want.
  • Create a business and offers that truly support your unique needs. 

Here’s what you’ll overcome quickly:

  • The soul crushing feeling of taking on other people’s emotions and negativity.
  • The sinking feeling of doubting yourself and your decisions. 
  • The feeling that you are out of alignment with taking inspired actions towards your big dream goals.
  • Undercharging for your services and then feeling that nagging feeling of resentment, because deep down, you know you deserve more. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed to the max, or burned out.
  • That confused feeling that swims in your head, and the lack of clarity that leads to self-doubt or frustration. 
  • Gut wrenching fear about inadvertently creating a business that doesn’t support your unique needs as an intuitive empath. 
  • Staying stuck in a business model that no longer meets your needs just because it’s bringing in income. 
  • The sick feeling in your stomach about the inauthentic business industry – the pictures of people in front of their cars or mini mansions just aren’t doing it for you. 
  • That restless feeling in your heart to finally go all in on your big vision soul purpose.  

Your goals and dreams are too important to you to allow that to happen.

You’ve got a big heart and you’re full of compassion – and you take a stand for:

  • Feeling alive and empowered
  • Inspired and aligned action
  • Committing to resolve your challenges and reach your big vision goals
  • Liberating yourself from your limitations
  • Creativity
  • Being your real-self and sharing your wisdom
  • Being courageous
  • Self-compassion
  • Being grounded and present
  • Fun (with a cuss word or two)
  • Spiritual awakening and a deep soul connection
  • Trusting your intuition and empathy
  • Inclusivity, diversity, equity, and social justice

Let me lead the way…

Let’s connect. I’ll ask you some questions and I’ll share how I can help once you book in your free call. And you can relax because there’s no obligation to you. Click here now to book in your free Quantum Leap call.